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    Requirements Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition is enough) Xampp Melia Tree of Savior (Steam English Ver.) Installation 1. Install Visual Studio & Xampp 2. From Xampp install Apache & Mysql, then start both modules. 3. Compile Melia with Visual Studio. Then go to system\conf and edit database.conf & web.conf to match your settings. If you have password, add it to database.conf. Close Skype if you use port 80. However, I recommend to change this port to 8080. 4. Go to http://locahost/phpmyadmin and from top bar, choose "Import". Choose "main.sql" file from Melia's sql folder and import it. 5. Navigate to Tree of Savior Client folder, then to release folder and look for "Client.xml" file. 6. Edit the following settings (ServerListURL & StaticConfigURL). If you wish to run the server on local machine, just copy following settings. If you want to host it publicly, edit the IPs to match your public IP. Save the settings when done. If you did not change the port from web.conf, change the 8080 to 80. <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" 7. Run "Start-all.bat" from Melia folder and start the game from Steam. If you run it from the game folder, it won't run. You should get no Errors. 8. Create account by typing new//accountname where "accountname" can be anything. Also type a password that you can remember. Hit login and enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Problem solving! Q: "Login dialog has username & password fields, but lists official servers. What to do?" A: Change the ServerListURL & StaticConfigURL properly. Make sure that port is same with web.conf one. Q: "Some parts of my game are in Korean". A: Change the ServerListURL & StaticConfigURL properly. Make sure that port is same with web.conf one + Delete user.xml & user_c.xml. Q: "Dialog is missing from buttons and forms." A: Delete user.xml & user_c.xml.
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    Looking through the quests folder I noticed how boring it can get if you want to make several quests, specially if they're similar, as you'd have to copy the same code over and over with just slight changes. Seeking to change that I figured I might as well write an app to do that for me. You'd simply tell the app the specifics of the quest, for example, if it's a hunting quest, you'd say hunt monster X, Y times and so on, and the app would generate the code surrounding, based on rewards and prerequisites you specify. I have currently implemented the base code for all of this, and missing the UI. Also need to finish implementing reward types, objective types and prerequisite types. Several other small changes will also have to be made eventually. You can check the current code here and if anyone is willing to help, pull requests are more than welcome. A side note, if anyone would like coding a interface for the app I'd be extremely grateful and available for anything needed. This might also prove usefull for the team if they ever need to implement several new hunting quests or even for the "missing" fomor scroll quests. The rewards missing atm are Skills, Skill training and Stat bonuses. All prerequisites have yet to be implemented and am currently working on implementing objective types. I'd love to know how everyone feels about the use of the tool and what you'd like to see in it. UPDATE 22-03-2016: We now have a webpage (thanks to gitub ) for the tool. It's still in need of proper info and, well, construction, but here it is. UPDATE 23-03-2016: Started a small changelog on the official webpage. Note that I will always keep watch over this thread nonetheless.
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    LaunchMe is a simple launcher/downloader, inspired by the older Ragnarok Online launchers used by the pserver community. Aside from starting the client with custom parameters it can also download pack files and be customized graphically. This is an alpha release, it has barely been tested, aside from general functionality, and doesn't do much besides downloading and launching. The main reason I wrote this is because I've never written a customizable window and was curious =< But I'm sure someone will find a use for it^^ Features Launching Pack Download Customizeable Browser Element (e.g. to display patch notes) Playing BGM Download (55KB) Source How to make LaMe download packages LaMe simply downloads files via HTTP and moves them to the "package" folder. If a file already exists the download is skipped. There is no version checks or checknums, if a file from the list doesn't exist in the local package folder LaMe will download it. If you or the client delete a file it will simply be re-downloaded next time you start LaMe. Put a URL to a folder into the ini file, at Packages/URL. LaMe will look for the download list file (specified in Packages/List) and the actual packs at that address. The list simply contains one file name per line, e.g. 1001-my_features.pack 1002-white_beabhein.pack There are no naming conventions, these are just examples. Empty lines or lines starting with "//" (comments) are skipped. How to customize it Design: The design consists of multiple images that can be found in the "LaMe" folder, the window background, the close and start buttons, and the various states for those buttons (hover, down, disabled). To change anything, just replace the files and adjust the settings in the ini file. The background treats pink (255,0,255) as transparent, so you can do rounded corners and stuff. Naming: The LaMe.exe looks for the ini and image folder based on its own name. If you rename the exe to "Ibam.exe" you also have to rename the ini and the folder to "Ibam.ini" and "Ibam". In theory this allows for multiple launchers to co-exist. Future features If you have ideas for additional features feel free to post them here.
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    Yo, figured I should finally try and get something out there. This is a launcher I've been working on for a bit, It's slowly been getting more features and over the past couple days I finished it enough to release something. It's got full client patching, as well as automatic downloading of a modpack file and options for launching Kanan and Morrighan built in. I've got alot more written up on Github for it, plus how to setup some of the extra features, like selfupdate and the modpack downloading. Go ahead and criticize the code, this is my first time really getting into GUIs and it's one of the first projects I did using C# after coming from Java. I'd also love to know if anyone can think of more stuff to add or changes to make. Here be the link: https://github.com/ripxfrostbite/RedirectLauncher
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    DataDog is a viewer and potential future editor for Mabinogi's .data (DataDog) format. It allows you to open and view the files and export them to XML, in one or list by list. Source: https://github.com/exectails/DataDog Download: https://github.com/exectails/DataDog/releases
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    Debian Open your favorite SSH terminal Please do not run Melia as root, it's just not recommended... as running Linux, this is one of the most important things to know. 1. Installation of required software sudo apt-get install mono-devel git-core screen 2. Installing either MySQL or MariaDB (I recommend MariaDB) sudo apt-get install mysql-server OR MariaDB: https://downloads.mariadb.org/mariadb/repositories/#mirror=digitalocean-nyc&distro=Debian&distro_release=jessie--jessie&version=10.1 also recommended to run to secure your mysql/mariadb server: mysql_secure_installation 3. Cloning Melia repository git clone https://github.com/aura-project/melia.git 4. Compiling Melia repository cd melia xbuild /p:Configuration=Release Melia.sln 5. Copying required files mkdir live mkdir live/log/ cp bin/Release/{*.exe,*.dll,*liblua*} live cp -r {system,sql,user,lib,log,doc} live 6. Setting up MySQL/MariaDB mysql -u root -p CREATE database melia; CREATE USER 'melia'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'somepassword'; GRANT CREATE,DELETE,DROP,EXECUTE,INSERT,SELECT,UPDATE ON melia.database TO 'melia'@'localhost'; then type exit mysql -u melia -p passwordyouset -h localhost melia < sql/main.sql 7. Editing config files nano or vi live/conf/database.conf // Melia // Configuration file //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- host : user : MySQLUSER pass : MySQLPASSWORD database : melia include "/user/conf/database.conf" mv user/conf/database-example.conf database.conf nano or vi /user/conf/database.conf // Melia // Configuration file //---------------------------------------------------------------------------- pass : MySQLPASSWORD 8. Editing servers.txt nano or vi /system/db/servers.txt // Melia // Database file //--------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ { type: "Login", id: 1, ip: "", port: 2000 }, { type: "Channel", id: 1, ip: "", port: 7000, maps: "all" }, ] If you're not doing this locally, edit the IP address to your WAN IP (you can get your WAN IP at http://whatismyip.com OR http://ip4.me 9. Starting Login,Channel,Web server screen -S 'Login' mono LoginServer.exe Hold Ctrl+A+D to detach from the screen screen -S 'Channel' mono ChannelServer.exe Hold Ctrl+A+D to detach from the screen screen -S 'Web' mono WebServer.exe Hold Ctrl+A+D to detach from the screen And you're done! I will make the guide look better later on.
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    Much more welcoming community than I expected Thanks everyone ; o; I look forward to creepin' your shit, Exec And Cryptic, you've already been a great help to me ((Lurkin' so good..)) I hope I can start being useful soon!
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    While working on various scripted equipment, I found myself working on several "enhancements" to creatures that may be beneficial outside the specific item I was working on. Initially i made a separate area to handle some of this(scripted_conditions.cs) but I'm trying to avoid claiming any of the conditions for my own scripts when they will be claimed in a more official manner in the future(though i still plan to invoke them for visual effects). So I bring you Creature Enhancements rather then one solid script with several random enhancements. I'm doing it like items, each enhancement gets its own script, and they will be fairly easy to invoke often by doing something like creature.Vars.Temp["Ethereal_Form"]=true; It can be conjured on an item equip or even better on an enemy ai. First Release is Ethereal Form :
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    Merry Christmas guys, wish i came bearing better gifts, but ill give you what i got. For starters i have taken a pause on the above item to brainstorm on it a bit, so i just released the lil bit i did have on it. As for today's item well i rushed to get this much done in the little time i had available... I present to you buggy throwing axes...
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    Gonna make a series of scripted equipment, and probably videos of each here's the first item...
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    ah another item, always fun ^.^ If you guys have any ideas for something you would like to see be sure to let me know. As usual you can find the item on my project page.
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    My curiosity finally overwhelmed me and I took a look at the possibility of custom skills. I added a new skill to the XML files in the client and our data files, by copying an existing one and changing the id. I gave it to me in-game and it appeared - so far so good - but I couldn't use it. For some reason the use button was disabled. Double checked some values, tried different id ranges, nothing. "Enabling" the skill with what we believe is some kind of "enable skill" packet? Nope I don't know what exactly is causing the use button to be disabled, maybe there's another file the skill has to appear in, or maybe the client has some hard coded checks for that. A journey into the client's code would probably help with this, but after a quick look I couldn't find anything that screamed "this is the problem!". Next up: Replacing existing skills. While it's possible to replace a similar skill, it's not possible to replace a passive skill with a usable one. Even though the use button wasn't disabled, it didn't do anything, the client didn't send the use packet. This confirms that something is missing, the client knows what skills are supposed to be usable, despite what skillinfo.xml says. So, for the moment, until we figure out what I missed, custom skills are a little tricky. Replacing existing ones isn't exactly viable I guess, but it is a possibility.
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    Oh just a little note if you didn't know, you don't have to subscribe events the way you did anymore, you can simply put [On("OnCreatureAttack")] above your function and it'll be subscribed automatically. But this is really neat, I should play around with it. Thanks c:
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    Well its really in an under polished state, lots of things still not ready(which is why i haven't already uploaded any scripts) but it looks something like this.... Delorog_ScriptedEquips.cs
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    Holy shit dis looks awesome.... Maybe I have to stop sleepin and get back to aura.
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    Years ago we found out that TW had a unique login type that passed the login information to the client via command line arguments. This type was and still is available in the NA client as well, and using it brings you directly to the character selection, without login form or start button. If the secondary login is enabled you do have to enter it before reaching the characters though. Parameters: [...] setting:"file://data/features.xml=Regular, X" /N:username /V:password /T:gamania
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    Since you mentioned it, I'd like to say that I personally really like how you do criticize pull requests. I know I'm not the best coder ever and there have been a few times where it did take awhile to get my pull request all fixed up to be ready to be added to the master, but it keeps everything in the master unified and keeps the code clean and I have found the criticisms in said pull requests to be very helpful. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the constant formatting errors I used to have in my code was annoying.
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    I just realized that while I had an introduction thread on the old Aura forum years ago, apparently I never made one here. I will rectify that now that the forum is finally back up^^ My real name is Dennis, though I very much prefer exec, I'm almost 31 by this point (oh dear...), and I'm from Germany. I started coding websites when I was a teenager and slowly worked my way up as a programmer, ending up as a freelance web developer. I was fascinated by private servers and server emulators ever since I started playing Ragnarok on eAthena servers, setting up my own customized servers for friends, and eventually my programming knowledge caught up and I began hacking around in the emulators I was using, before finally starting a server emulation project of my own in 2012. Since that time I've poured a large portion of my time into the development of server emulators and tools surrounding the games I worked on, from Mabi and Aura, over TOS and Melia, to other yet unreleased projects. I'm a big believer in open-source and try to release as much as possible to the public even if it's not perfect yet, because you never know what will happen, and even a hacked together project can serve as research or a starting point for someone else, should you not finish it. While overcoming the fear of releasing my imperfect creations into the wild wasn't easy in the beginning, I think it actually made me a better programmer, making me think more about what I throw together. I've been told that I can be a little intimidating or difficult to work with, due to my direct way of talking, my supposed perfectionism, and my straight-to-the-point way of criticizing pull requests, but know that I don't mean to sound annoyed or rejecting^^" I try my best to appear more approchable nowadays, and it would be unfortunate if this quirk turned you off from contributing to one of my projects. I've also heard that it helped some people to learn that I'm an INTP. Well, that's all I have to say about myself, if you want to know anything else, you can ask right here.
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    Hello and welcome to execs playgrou-- I mean Aura Project. If you need help in any form or shape then feel free to ask us on the forums or in chat.
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    @exec is planning on updating Melia and there were many others offering their help (previous project log). It's just that Aura has been the main project, so it has the main focus, especially now with Generation 1 milestone.
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    Hello guys, I played mabinogi for quite a while off and on. I played on NA Mari. While just surfing the web out of boredom I found this and almost instantly after reading the git hub set up my own little server, and started to mess around with all the things (well some of the things) nexon had in Mabinogi. I am really glad you guys are doing this and amazed at how much you done so far.
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    I've finally taken a quick look at it, and while the static conf file is now loaded over SSL (no SSL = that error), it doesn't seem to require a valid certificate. This should be doable.
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    Freedom ends... 2 weeks of vacation went by so fast *sigh*
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    I'm currently thinking about how to handle this, since the change is a little annoying. Shouldn't be more than a few days.
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    Just got a new computer- fell off the grid for almost a year! I am back now, and plan to make those tutorial videos.
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    Welcome to the community
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    Because there is, almost literally, only one active developer. Feel free to help improve the progress.
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    Welcome, Zira!
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    PaleTree is a packet logger that utilizes data coming from packet providers, like Zemyna. Just like its cousin MabiPale, PaleTree allows you to log packets, and save, load, and modify the logs. However, unlike MabiPale, you won't see clear, separated variables here, as ToS's protocol doesn't communicate this information. Instead, PaleTree features a hex editor on the right side, and it has a plugin to show which values might hide behind a bunch of random bytes, starting at the selected index. For deeper analysis, a tool like 010 Binary Editor is recommended. Another difference to MabiPale, is that due to the availability of op codes, there are no unknown ops, and in case of changes, the ops are saved inside the logs, so you never have to worry about incorrect op names. But you should update PaleTree regularly, since any change in an op could result in confusing data. Download Remember to regularly update PaleTree and Zemyna whenever one is available, as they need to be up-to-date to work with the latest client. Features Logging packets Saving logs Log management (deleting, filtering) Plugin system Official plugins: Variable Preview: Displays what values could be read from a packet, starting at the selected byte. How to use Put Zemyna.exe into your ToS folder Create a link to Zemyna.exe, using parameters for the appropriate server. For example to connect to the international server Laima, you would use Laima's login server IP and port: Zemyna.exe host: port:2000 And to connect to a local server, without Steam auto-login, but with a login form, you would use this: Zemyna.exe host: port:2000 nosteam Start the client with that link whenever you want to log packets. Click connect in Pale to subscribe to Zemyna's packet broadcast and to start logging packets. Packet data The packet data in the hex editor is always the raw data received/sent by the client, incl. packet header. This means the actual values don't start at the first byte. Packets from the client to the server have a 10 byte header: short op; int sequence; int checksum; Packets from the server to the client are the same, just without the checksum, so it's 6 bytes in total. Additionally, packets that don't have a fixed size have another short (2 byte) before the actual data, the length of the entire packet. Packets that have a fixed length will say something like "Size: 50 (Table: 50, Garbage: 0)" in the packet information on the right side, after the op, while dynamic packets don't say this (dynamic packets are ones that include lists or variable sized strings, where you can't define a fixed size). The last thing of note is the potential "garbage" at the end of packets from the client to the server. Because of how the packet encryption works, the length of packets from the client to the server is always a multiple of 8. Packets that have a fixed size will be able to determine that X byte are "garbage", because they don't belong to the actual data, but are a left-overs from the encryption process. The garbage bytes can generally be ignored, the only reason we don't truncate them is that we could potentially lose data if the ops are outdated.
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    This will frequently be updated by GrandTickler on the official forums: https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/guide-grand-collection-chest-guide/177468
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    Huge copy-pasta from the official forums: https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/damage-guide-the-big-formula-modifier-types-and-how-they-interact/118950 The Formula The exact formula, after much testing, and kindly simplified by user Tarocha here on the forums, and another user by the name of KDBA on reddit, is the following : (((((Skill Attack + (Attack + Attack Modifier)) + (random(0% ... 100%) * Magic Amplification)) * (100% + T0)) - (((Defense + Defense Modifier) * (100% + Level Penalty)) + Elemental Resistance)) * (100% + (0 or 50% if crit)) + (0 or Critical Attack) + (Extra Elemental Attack) + (Enemy Specific Damage)) * (100% + T1) * (100% + T2) * (100% + T3) * (100% + Enhance) + Bonus Damage All modifiers are converted from total figures to additive figures for the formula. For example, Meteor is 400%, so the additive value is +300%. All modifiers within a same tier are additive to one another and are added to the default value of "100%". The tiers are as follows: Attack Modifiers These alter the base attack stat in some way. They can both be flat values or percentual modifiers. Examples are Pommel Beat on stunned targets, Cloaking's attribute, or Shield Charge. Magic Amplification This is a very simple stat. It acts like a "Maximum attack" range for magic attacks and that's pretty much it (on top of, of course, existing "Maximum Attack" increases. It's still a different stat). It randomly adds between 0% and 100% of your Magic Amplification to your attack. T0 : Base Damage Modifiers These modify the total damage a skill would do before defense is subtracted. They are quite potent, as they can cause your damage to vastly exceed an enemy's defense and create a much larger number for the rest of the formula to calculate with. Modifiers like this include Split Arrow's "Bounced Arrow Attack" and Sky Liner's damage on Bleeding targets. Defense Modifiers Effects that alter an enemies defense, wether it be raising or lowering it. These can be both flat values or percentual modifiers, though the order in which a flat and percentual modifier apply is currently not yet known. (eg. 100 Def - 5 Def -20% Def = 76 Def, but 100 Def - 20% Def - 5 Def = 75 Def. Testing required.) Level Penalty When you're more than 5 levels below an enemy, a penalty will start increasing the defense of the enemy you hit by 10% per level. Because a monster wont know if you're lower level until you actually hit it, any defense debuffs it is suffering from are subtracted from its base defense and not the increased defense from the penalty. At 5 levels below a monster, the penalty is 10%. It goes up by 10% by every level after that, so at 6 levels it's 20%, at 7 levels it's 30%, and so on. Elemental Resistance If a monster has any (usually this is only through Resist Elements), it will be added here when you cast an attack with the respective element. For example, if you have 100 Lightning Resist, only Lightning-based skills (Electrocute and Zaibas) will add said Lightning Resist to your defense when they are used on you. Simple non-elemental attacks but where the attacker has "Lightning Attack" stats are not added here, but along with the Lightning Attack value itself further into the formula. See "Extra Elemental Attack" below. Critical Hit When you land a critical hit, you simply add 50% to the formula above and then add your Critical Damage. As magic can't crit, this will just always be +0% + 0 for those skills. Sorry mages! Extra Elemental Attack This is where all your Elemental Attack stats are added, after crits, before everything else. These all add on to each other if you have multiple types of elements and are always applied, no matter what the attack is (even on DoT effects like Bleeding!). This Elemental Attack is already multiplied by Elemental Bonuses on its own, so yes, having Fire Elemental Attack and then casting a Fire skill on a Ice enemy will make it multiply by 150% once for itself, then again for the whole skill. Elemental Resistances and Resistance buffs/debuffs are accounted for again here too, just like the bonus being applied twice. The full formula for Elements is : ((Elemental Attack - (Elemental Resistance + Debuff/Buff)) * Elemental Modifier) (+ ...) Where (+ ...) is a repeat of the first part for every element you have Elemental Attack for. Enemy Specific Damage You know the ones. Additional damage to Beast-Type enemies and the like. Very simply added straight on here, after crits, before everything else, just like Elemental Attack. T1 : Skill Damage Modifiers These are the modifiers that are directly listed on the skill tooltips right in front of the skill's raw attack value. Modifiers of this tier include Meteor, Stone Shot, and Claymore. T2 : Common Modifiers The main bulk of the modifiers. A lot of things in here will end up being added together in the game as they are rather common. Modifiers of this tier include Elemental Properties, the Missile penalty, hidden modifiers like Ice Bolt and Cartar Stroke, certain attributes like Quick Cast : Magic, and so on. T3 : Target Modifiers The modifiers here are all dependant on what you hit, what type of attack you hit it with, and so on. This includes all of the Armor-type modifiers, but also some Size-related modifiers and certain attributes There's no real distinction between these modifiers and T2 modifiers, but these all have something to do with what state the enemy is in or what it's properties are. Enhance The main damage attribute every damage skill has. Add +1% to +100% to the formula above depending on attribute level. Bonus Damage Additional bonus damage. They are just extra damage values that even appear as a separate yellow number to tell you they're there, complete with skill name of what caused it. They never get multiplied and are added way at the end of everything These include buffs like Blessing and Concentration. Additional Attacks "But these aren't even in the formula!" Well, no, they aren't, because these pesky little guys have their own very slightly different formula. (Additional Attack + Extra Elemental Attack) * (100% + T1) *(100% + T2) * (100% + T3) * (100% + Enhance) + T4 Very similar isn't it? You just drop defense, magic amplification, critical hits and all that out of the equation, replacing Skill/Base Attack with the "Additional Attack" from the tooltip. These hits are caused by buffs such as Enchant Fire and Sacrament. If you find anything that does not adhere to the formula I created and others perfected, then be sure to say so! I'll see what's up as soon as I can. Many thanks to people who made rough formulas for a lot of separate things, as well as those who helped simplify it! Sometimes it was just piecing things together. Attack Modifiers Scout Cloaking "Physical Damage" Attribute : +50% Cryomancer Subzero Shield "Counter Attack" Attribute : +50% to +200% of Shield's Defense value Swordsman Pommel Beat : +200 on Stunned status Double Slash : +200 on Bleeding status Barbarian Stomping Kick : +Boot's Evasion Rodelero Shield Charge : -50% Defense Modifiers Archer Basic [Missile] Attack : -10% Phys. Defense per shot (Up to -50%) Full Draw "Decreased Defense" Attribute : -10% to -50% Phys. Defense (Depending on Attribute Level) Peltasta Umbo Thrust : -100% All Defense (Armor Break Status) Highlander Skull Swing : -100% All Defense (Armor Break Status) Rodelero Shield Push : -15 to -225 Phys. Defense (Depending on Skill Level) Cleric Deprotected Zone : -(2 + SPR) to -(12 + SPR) All Defense for 6 to 39 seconds (Depending on Skill/Attribute Level) Deprotected Zone "Sword Attack" Attribute : -1 to -8 All Defense per [Weakened Defense] stack (Up to 10 times). Stacks are applied when hitting an enemy within Deprotected Zone with a Sword. Deprotected Zone "Enhance" Attribute : -1 to -50 All Defense (Depending on Attribute Level). Applies after [Weakened Defense] stacks. Priest Monstrance : -(6 + SPR x 0.4) to -(39 + SPR x 0.4) Phys. Defense for 20 to 25 seconds. (Depending on Skill/Attribute Level) Bokor Hexing : -(12 + SPR x 0.3) to -(57 + SPR x 0.3) Magic Defense for 15 to 29 seconds.(Depending on Skill Level) Paladin Resist Elements : -30 to -100 Magic Defense for 65 to 135 seconds. (Depending on Skill Level) Tier 0 : Base Damage Modifiers Scout Split Arrow : +100% on bounced arrow Highlander Sky Liner : +100% on Bleeding status Hoplite Synchro Thrusting "Pierce" Attribute : +10% to +50% on Spear attack -10% to -50% on Shield attack Tier 1 : Skill Damage Modifiers Quarrel Shooter Stone Shot : +50% Sapper Claymore : +200% Elementalist Meteor : +300% Sadhu Astral Body Explosion : +150% Tier 2 : Common Modifiers Archer Full Draw : +50% on Leather armor Heavy Shot : +50% on Plate armor Twin Arrows : +50% on Cloth armor [Missile] Attacks (applies to subclasses too) : -10% to ?% on Medium -15% to ?% on Large and Extra Large Note: Penalty goes down by ?% per Bow Upgrade Level (+) for the Large penalty, and ?% for the Medium Penalty. Ranger Time Bomb Arrow (explosion) : +50% on Plate armor Steady Aim : +6% to +20% for [Missile] attacks for 20 seconds. (Depending on Skill Level) Quarrel Shooter Stone Shot : +50% on Plate armor Wizard Energy Bolt : +50% Energy Bolt "Additional Sleep Damage" Attribute : +40% to +120% on Sleep status (Depending on Attribute Level) Earthquake : +100% on Lethargic status Quick Cast "Magic" Attribute : +10% to +50% (Depending on Attribute Level) Cryomancer Cryomancer "Freeze Speciality" Attribute : +10% to +50% from Lightning Attacks on Frozen Status (Depending on Attribute Level) Ice Bolt : +50% Linker Joint Penalty "Poison", "Earth" and "Electric" Attributes : +10% to +50% from Poison/Earth/Lightning Attacks on Linked enemies. (Depending on Attribute Level) Elementalist Freezing Sphere : +50% Rain : +35% from Lightning Attacks Highlander Wagon Wheel : +10% Cartar Stroke : +50% Peltasta Umbo Blow (When enemy is staggered by a block) : +100% on Plate armor +150% on Cloth armor +200% on Leather armor High Guard "Umbo Blow Speciality" and "Rim Blow Speciality" Attribute : +250% to +330% (Depending on Attribute Level) Barbarian Stomping Kick : -10% to +Infinite% (Depending on height from ground). Note: Normal jumping height is +0%. Nearly landing is -10%. Seism : +50% Sadhu Attack Soul (Out of Body) : +50% Note: Uses Magic Attack and goes through the normal main formula as any skill, but does not include T4 bonuses. Paladin Smite : +200% on Demon and Mutant type Elemental Properties Fire : +50% on Ice -50% on Fire Ice : +50% on Fire -50% on Ice Lightning : +100% on Ice -50% on Lightning and Earth Poison : +50% on Earth -50% on Poison Earth : +50% on Lightning -50% on Poison Holy : +100% on Dark Dark : +100% on Holy Tier 3 : Target Modifiers Scout Flare Shot : -10% Wizard Lethargy "Additional Damage" Attribute : +20% to +100% from Strike attacks for 30 seconds. (Depending on Attribute Level) Cryomancer/Elementalist Frozen Status : +100% from Strike attacks. Highlander Cross Guard : +100% from Pierce attacks for 5 seconds. Barbarian Cleave : +150% on Stunned status Hoplite Pierce : +100% on Medium +200% on Large and Extra Large Pierce "Continuous Attack" Attribute : +300% on Extra Large (Replaces +200% above) Rodelero Targe Smash "Frozen Stone" Attribute : +20% to +100% on Frozen or Petrified Status Slithering "Additional Damage" Attribute : +20% to +100% from Strike attacks for 10 seconds. (Depending on Attribute Level) High Kick : +100% from Strike attacks for 10 seconds. Bokor Hexing "Darkness" Attribute : +10% to +30% from Dark Element attacks Armor Modifiers Slash : +50% on Cloth armor -25% on Plate and Ghost armor Strike : +50% on Plate armor -25% on Leather and Ghost armor Pierce : +50% on Leather armor -25% on Cloth and Ghost armor Magic : +50% on Ghost armor Bonus Damage Swordsman Concentrate : +5 to +126 Damage for 5 to 26 Attacks (Depending on Skill/Attribute Level) Priest Blessing : +15 to +170 Damage for 10 to 180 Attacks (Depending on Skill/Attribute Level)
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    I was looking for a name that is somehow related to trees. I came across the "nymphs of the ash tree" in Greek mythology, the Meliae, but I didn't like ae, so I removed the e^^ Incidentally the name Melia is also given to one of the nymphs.
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    Actually, I guess I forgot to put that somewhere, you can start the client from the folder, if you call it with the parameter "-SERVICE", with a shortcut or a bat. No need to close Skype if you change the port^^
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    IPF Browser is a tool to browse the contents of IPFs and extract files from them. I created it as an alternative to IPF Suite because it doesn't support the encrypted IPF files yet and lacks little "quality of life" features I was missing. Download Source Features Reads any IPF files, be it iCBT1, 2, or current kTOS/iTOS ones. (Fast) extraction of single files, all files in one IPF, or an entire client's data. Optional preview for all text, image, and font files. Limits No IPF editing. No 3D preview (yet).
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    No, I'm gonna make Melia public early next month, after I updated it for the new international client.
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    Been a busy week haven't gotten much done. So in an effort to at least post something, here is the current item in production, still incomplete though.
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    Okay no new item this time, I've been working more on polishing up the items, and better methods to create them. As i polish them up a bit I will be releasing them(one at a time) on my project page. But for the sake of entertainment I'll leave this teaser video on some items that are incomplete but possibly in the works. Edit: For those who cant watch video due to copyright restrictions in your country, here's the above video but switched out with a different audio.
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    [On("CreatureAttack")] * Yeah didn't realize that thanks ^.^ new item : Final Hit Sword No this isn't turning telewalk on. The Sword will only teleport if you dont have a left hand item equipped. Also the teleport is based on "SetCombatTarget", so it wont keep teleporting to same target unless you cancel aggro or target another enemy. Did this need to be done when we have final hit skill?, No Then why did you do it? Because i can.... also i didn't have any interesting items ready yet so you get the thing i was experimenting with.
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    Unfortunatly im not playing that much ToS anymore. Still I logged in and logged all the skills I have. 1. File is me running in town Blacksmith repairing all Auctionhouse collecting 99000 moneyz Adventure Jurnal girl, getting some iCoins or whatever thats called Oracle Trainer, learning Change:Win attribute lvl 19 or 20 dun remember :< 2. File is me using all the cleric and oracle skill I have as well as autoattacking with secondary weapon and proccing the effect of my primary weapon the "Toy Hammer" assploding on every 10th attack. (5 Hits with sacrament as it makes 1 attack to 2 hits). As I dont remember the order of the skills fully, I will just try to guess and write down every skill I used. attacking some stuff without buffs buffing sacrament and attacking some stuffs buffing monastry and attacking some stuffs (sacrament still active) buffing blessing and attacking some stuffs (sacrament and monastry still active) ---have to guess now--- Using 3 skills in some order: Change (changes the monster to a different +/- 5 level) 2charges, Clairvoyance (lets you see the item that a monster is going to drop), Reset (lets you change the item that a monster is going to drop) 2charges ---have to guess now--- Using Divine Might (Increases all skills by 1 level for x charges depending on skill lvl) ---have to guess now--- Step 1 to 4 again with Divine Might ---have to guess now--- Using Dievdirby's skills "Statue of Goddess Laima" (carves a prop and places an aura at the same place as the prop (- %cd aura) prop/statue can be pushed away by mobs while the aura stays at the same place, prop/statue has hp depending on level and aggroes mobs) and "Statue of Goddess Zemyna" failed caus tos cannot fix bugs I really have no clue anymore. Some point I am changing a attribute allowing my heal to damage enemies. Healing everywhere and alot. Using Revive somehwere and proccing it (character that drops under 1hp does not die and instead "revives" at 20ish% hp). Using cure (dmg on enemies and cures status debuffs and stuffs depending on level of the skill. Using Aspersion (direct buff and attack in a cone in front of the caster). Using Resurrect to attack an enemy. Using SafetyZone which is like SafetyWall but it actually does only give you a buff if you stand inside (which complicates things with the buff limits etc) makes you imune to 99,9% of all dmg (one boss can somehow bypass this with a section of his hit?) magic melee and ranged. Pushbacks can still occur. Using carve (skill that attacks 4 times and has a chance to produce wood when hitting a plant mob). Using Forecast (makes enemies attacks visible (you get aoe indicators on the ground). Green for allies, red for enemies. Even normal attacks can be seen that way. Using Mass Heal like all the time... nothing special -> big aoe circle in front of the caster that heals (also heals caster). Also there should be a successful "Statue of Goddess Zemyna" somewhere. I failed 2 times and 1 time I succeeded. Not sure what else. Some weapon swapping but thats nothing special. Also im using controller for 95% of the game. usingalotofskillsoracle.txt repair auction wingsofsomething oracleattributelearning warping to next map.txt
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    More Packets!!! Well ok the beta is almost over so I am forced to take action. I'll try to document all with screenshots. I'll also include the "self invite" of someone joining my party randomly through party finder (Suddenly Party.txt). And then changing my party settings to not look for members... herpaderp. Imma update this frequently now. Also please note that the screenshots with pale next to them ALWAYS have the current packets in them. No matter what pale might say. Even if its called heal.txt the packets that are shown in the screenshots are actually from heal dmg.txt. I was jsut too lazy to save them before making the screenshot because... thats just not practically. heal.txt Suddenly Party.txt Heal dmg counts as hit and also triggers toy hammer stacks and assplosion. Blessing adds double attack to each of the healing fields. So every field damages twice. Not sure if thats a "secret" combo or bug. heal dmg.txt getting hit aton and block+dodge.txt hitting stuff with toy hammer.txt hitting stuff with 2nd weapon still triggers toy hammer assplosion.txt attacking with sacrament, adding a 2nd hit that has holy element counts as hit for toyhammer.txt with and without blessing.txt The Blessing ToolTip already shows the Blessing dmg with the Blessing: Enhance already calculated in it. Monstrance is a percentage and it gives the same on each level. The only thing that changes are the debuff or buff magic circles you create. Lvl 1 = 1, 2=2 etc. Monstrance is a percentage and not fixed.txt Buffing all and then hitting stuff.txt forecast.txt Clairvoyance + Resetting.txt change.txt Divine Might.txt Cure.txt Zemyna success.txt Laima failing.txt Laima success.txt Zemyna failing.txt I've also included the failing of the statues thats actually a bug for fun... maybe exec could fix that for imc :DDD just kidding. Laima increase Radius.txt Also added some Heal stuff since I forgot em before... AAAAND also lvl 1 heal creates 1 healing field... lvl 2 = 2... 5=5..... 10=5. buffing revive triggering revive getting hit while in godmode state by revive aka no dmg.txt Mass Heal.txt Aspersion.txt SafetyZone.txt Safety Zone Small.txt Carve on plant type.txt Carve on norml mob aka no wood.txt This is all for now. If you need more and or specific packets then please request em :<
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    Okay so Admittedly i should be waiting for the new ai system, but having too much fun. You've probably seen this one already but seemed like a good place to put it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-qJDzJVykA This one is new.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lHghRqVX3I
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    What is "No Code No Life"? No Code No Life was originally a community built around the development of a certain server emulator, under the name "Aura Project". We're now aiming to provide a general environment for developers to learn more about MMORPGs, discuss their inner workings, and release tools to research and modify them. We welcome newbies and experienced developers alike, and other users who're just here to grab the latest release of a tool that might help them in some way. While furthering our knowledge and research might entail developing server emulators, we aren't interested in actually operating servers, and solely do it for the purpose of learning about programming, MMORPGs, maintaining huge projects, working with other people, improving knowledge, exploring games we like in a new way, and experimenting with what could be. We're not operating any private servers and don't encourage our users to do so either. What happend to the Mabinogi Server Emulator? After 5 years of development it was removed from this forum in January 2017 after we received a DCMA from Nexon. You can still find the latest release from back then on the internet, including a client that works with it, but public development has stopped and we don't offer active support for obtaining and operating Aura anymore.
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    Update 1.4.6 Fixed a bug where packets weren't decrypted, which made them useless for subscribed applications. This fixes the problem several people had with Morrighan lately, where Pale and other applications that use it didn't get any or limited data.Click on Download in the opening post to get the latest version if you had problems.
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    Since putting together color codes for flashies can be annoying at times, and highly confusing for newbies or people who have no idea about hex colors, I wrote a little generator for fun. You can set both colors, the flash mode you want, and the level (which is basically like the speed). It's not 100% complete, there are more modes and maybe levels, and another option I've ignored for now, and it might not be 120% accurate, but it should be enough for the start. Have fun~ Link (Tested in Firefox and Chrome, little buggy but working in IE9.)
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