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  1. Holy shit dis looks awesome.... Maybe I have to stop sleepin and get back to aura.
  2. Ad mortem, inimicus!

  3. So basically someone has to tell the server to listen to the new packets that the game client is sending. And that someone is not exec and... well not me because i honestly never looked at melia nor do i care about ToS. Well I kinda did at some point but I noticed too fast that it is beyond saving...hah. Also packets are wierd. You need to speak a certain language called execpackagelanguage or just be exec.
  4. Waiting for execs super awesome custom game

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    2. Sairii


      I haz no extra cheese to put on my pizza today.

      Could you....?

    3. exec


      No, cheese is way to difficult to implement, that would push the release by 2 years at least!

    4. Sairii


      Nintendo said its ok. For the sake of cheese they are willing to wait 2 more years.

  5. Nexon is just promoting us with the DMCA

  6. Sairii

    Then and now

    nah i was just spawning every single mob that mabinogi had at that point. Had to kill them after the fps reached a critical point and then spawned the next 100ish mobs.
  7. ugh...
    I was about to write something suggestive and thus kinda perverted but.....

    dunno im not even motivated enough to do that.

  8. Sairii

    Then and now

    that was in beta 2009 prolly eu closed beta same beta a really great beta .... and aura about 2 years ago:
  9. Sairii

    LaMe - Launcher

    how did i never see this? this is soooo rosome
  10. Sairii

    Hi, I'm Fish

    Hello and welcome to Aura! There are the following rules tho.. 1. Hail exec 2. Hail exec more You may also come and talk to us on https://gitter.im/aura-project/aura Simply go there if you have any questions OR if you want to annoy exec. :> (tis wat we do)
  11. Yes, and the web client already tells you whats wrong. Another programm is using that port. So you need to either close that programm or switch the 8080 to something else.
  12. Watafa gitter is down for me. What should I do with my life now???


    1. exec


      It's back up^^

    2. Sairii


      ye... but now github is down and i cannot sign in xD

  13. Waht tah heck should I do.....

    Im not ready to modify the mabinogi world to my likings yet.

    hmmmmm Iria?

    1. exec


      Why aren't you ready?

    2. Sairii


      I don't know.... I don't feel ready!

  14. Sairii


    Hello and welcome to execs playgrou-- I mean Aura Project. If you need help in any form or shape then feel free to ask us on the forums or in chat.
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