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  1. These minigames are for the beach event. They give out these Magical Pieces that give EXP/AP and even items if you combine them to tier 5. Instead of doing these annoying minigames, I have the packet structures (or created mods in instances where it makes more sense to do so) on how to tell the server you won the game without having to actually play it. The following two games use the same OP: 0x661A Smack-A-Rat String: Smack-A-Rat Byte: 1 // game type? UInt: 75000 // total score UInt: 20 // max combo Stacky Cake String: Stacky Cake Byte: 2 // game type? Byte: 10 // how many cakes you stacked Dance Game This a little more tricky, and I'm working on a separate mod for it. It'll be done soon once I get some more testing in (hopefully). Edit: I couldn't figure out the packets to this, so no mod. However if you manually do a few successfully you'll still get a magic piece. Memory Match I've already got a mod for it here. Natural Dye (gives a regular or metal dye ampoule of any color - no event reward) I've also got a mod for this one as well here. However it can only be used once a day now (the first time this event came around it could be used an unlimited amount of times). Puzzle Game (does not give a reward) This one is super simple and super useless. Just send the OP 0xAB8A after opening the game.
  2. block world (gm skill) - the skill basically places a block where ever you place it. if you click on an already spawned block, it will remove the block prop (logged from g20) stop right there! (event skill) - it stuns everything. must have the event hammer to use this skill (logged from g20) using exploding toilet paper - basically a B-bomb. used without mobs first, then used on mobs (logged from g20) using a pet whistle - from the coffee event playing tennis bingo - from the new bingo event. oddly enough using the bingo card item doesn't send any packets, so it's client sided (seriously why is it not just an event button instead of another item >_>)
  3. some random logs I'm finally getting around to posting dying a pet with a fixed dye amp (pure black) using a 15-year old age potion using a party popper painting a candy tree with blue paint partner unlock potion using a pet adoption medal to adopt a pet
  4. There's not a whole lot to this event, but any and all logs will be helpful. Below is a link to everything I have logged so far. Dropbox Link Feel free to post anything you've logged below.
  5. y u do dis @Rashataan Vuul Welcome!
  6. Still way too white :<
  7. Welcome! This is a great place to learn how a game server works, and just learning more about C#. Same.
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