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  1. i have 2 pull requests to clean up and a crap ton of homework... everrryy night (:

    kill me

  2. @YaibaToKen wishes that he actually typed a wish on his last post. Granted, but it will become part of my post. I wish for Harambe the Gorilla to come back to us RIP
  3. xeroplz


  4. Coming Soon.... after it stops crashing my game every time I try to use it.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xeroplz


      I.... forgot to add tAction.Delay.....

    3. exec


      And that crashed the client? Huh.

    4. xeroplz


      Yeah, I didn't even think a missing Delay could do that much

  5. Hmm, exec if I were to work on a PR-able Fireball, should I include Snap Cast handling or leave it out for when it's actually implemented?

    1. exec


      Not much of a point in including it if we don't have the skill, but it doesn't really matter.

    2. Talow
    3. xeroplz


      @Talow pull-request-able, meaning able to be put into the official aura branch

  6. Gun skills are almost done....

    Now for the dreadful phase of the pull request :D

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    2. Cryptic


      Why don't you just delete that branch, make a fresh new one so there's not a million commits that say "help me" lmao.

    3. Tokino


      How could we play the gun skills  lol?

    4. xeroplz
  7. This is really nice, and also means that this can lead straight to puppets being coded hehe
  8. I've been playing lots of BnS but right now I don't have time for anything x.x
  9. private servers are illegal as well, so there's not really any difference in evils here
  10. can't you just use the PSO2 Tweaker and connect using proxy? my ip is blocked by japan and i can still play the game just as well with it
  11. *shudders* schoolwork intensifying as the end of the quarter draws near

  12. When u have literally 1 word changed on a branch but don't want to commit it in order to update the master branch so u sit and wait for something else worthwhile to change


    1. Cryptic
    2. exec


      If I can't fit it into some commit, I usually make one commit titled "Minor change" or something like that.

  13. 1000 posts. Nice :>

    1. exec


      Though there are barely even 150 threads^^

    2. Cryptic


      Clearly, it's just exec spamming :>

    3. exec
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