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    Hello All

  2. Cryptic

    Hi Everyone, Raymond here

    y u do dis @Rashataan Vuul Welcome!
  3. Cryptic

    Gitter design "mod"

    Still way too white :<
  4. Cryptic

    Hey, everyone.

    Welcome! This is a great place to learn how a game server works, and just learning more about C#. Same.
  5. Cryptic

    Hi, I'm Fish

    Welcome Fish!
  6. Cryptic


  7. Cryptic


    Welcome dongom!
  8. Cryptic


    Welcome and good luck
  9. Cryptic

    Hello, everyone

    Welcome! There's lots to learn if you put forth the effort c:
  10. Cryptic

    Jean here.

    Welcome :>
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    Welcome Claudio!
  12. Cryptic

    Hello my d00ds

    Welcome :)
  13. Cryptic


    Welcome! Research is always needed. Learning how to use our logging tool, MabiPale, doesn't take long. Feel free to ask for help if you get confused, or what information is needed :)
  14. Cryptic

    Hello :D

    Hey Non, welcome to the aura project
  15. Cryptic

    Mabinogi Dungeon Play

    This isn't really the place to be asking for this... Wait, this was posted on Feb 22
  16. Cryptic


    Late welcome, Breno
  17. Cryptic

    I welcome thee

    Late welcome!
  18. Cryptic

    When your shower uses more GitHub than you

    It took me a moment too, haha.
  19. Cryptic

    Hello !!

    Welcome to the Aura Project!
  20. Cryptic


    Welcome, Zira!
  21. Cryptic


    Welcome! No worries, we're the best server emulator community out there
  22. Cryptic

    Glad to be here!

    Welcome! I suggest looking at NPCs, as they're good for starting off. I'll be making a guide (hopefully) soon, but in the meantime, take a peek.
  23. Huh, I've used fighter before, and I've never noticed that.
  24. Cryptic


    Welcome! Although this isn't the best place to learn reverse engineering - I'd say it's better for learning how games like Mabi and TOS are coded
  25. Cryptic


    Bienvenido~ @exec maybe install a google translate plugin if that works out =P