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  1. Sorry I've been away...its been one problem after another.

    First was some unexpected medical issues, ended up having to visit several doctors and hospitals....and while I'm doing all of that my computer decided to die on me while I was away.

    Since i did all that fun stuff without insurance, I'm going to have to focus on my rl work for some time to get it all paid off. So i doubt ill find the time to do any aura stuff for awhile...

    I wish you all the best of luck, and hope to find my way back here as soon as i can.

    1. exec


      Good luck to you too.

  2. While working on various scripted equipment, I found myself working on several "enhancements" to creatures that may be beneficial outside the specific item I was working on. Initially i made a separate area to handle some of this(scripted_conditions.cs) but I'm trying to avoid claiming any of the conditions for my own scripts when they will be claimed in a more official manner in the future(though i still plan to invoke them for visual effects). So I bring you Creature Enhancements rather then one solid script with several random enhancements. I'm doing it like items, each enhancement gets its own script, and they will be fairly easy to invoke often by doing something like creature.Vars.Temp["Ethereal_Form"]=true; It can be conjured on an item equip or even better on an enemy ai. First Release is Ethereal Form :
  3. I have not abandoned making weird item scripts, just enjoying a vacation of sorts at the moment. Since I've  finally got a bit of downtime from rl work.

    I did manage to find time a few days back to fix up the axe tossing script a bit(didn't seem worth making a new video for it) its now a pseudo-skill it can level up and get stronger, has a cooldown and easy to modify settings.

    1. Delorog


      Update: still on vacation, no time to code really. But i have been coming up with several ideas/concepts I'm eager to work on when i get back(around the 20th)

  4. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    Merry Christmas guys, wish i came bearing better gifts, but ill give you what i got. For starters i have taken a pause on the above item to brainstorm on it a bit, so i just released the lil bit i did have on it. As for today's item well i rushed to get this much done in the little time i had available... I present to you buggy throwing axes...
  5. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    Been a busy week haven't gotten much done. So in an effort to at least post something, here is the current item in production, still incomplete though.
  6. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    ah another item, always fun ^.^ If you guys have any ideas for something you would like to see be sure to let me know. As usual you can find the item on my project page.
  7. Its over 9000!!!... 9001 to be exact. ...sorry been holding that comment in for awhile now, needed to let it out.
  8. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    Okay no new item this time, I've been working more on polishing up the items, and better methods to create them. As i polish them up a bit I will be releasing them(one at a time) on my project page. But for the sake of entertainment I'll leave this teaser video on some items that are incomplete but possibly in the works. Edit: For those who cant watch video due to copyright restrictions in your country, here's the above video but switched out with a different audio.
  9. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    [On("CreatureAttack")] * Yeah didn't realize that thanks ^.^ new item : Final Hit Sword No this isn't turning telewalk on. The Sword will only teleport if you dont have a left hand item equipped. Also the teleport is based on "SetCombatTarget", so it wont keep teleporting to same target unless you cancel aggro or target another enemy. Did this need to be done when we have final hit skill?, No Then why did you do it? Because i can.... also i didn't have any interesting items ready yet so you get the thing i was experimenting with.
  10. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    Well its really in an under polished state, lots of things still not ready(which is why i haven't already uploaded any scripts) but it looks something like this.... Delorog_ScriptedEquips.cs
  11. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    Edit: Decided to treat the equip transformation more like a contagious disease(Poison Immune Host), attacking with melee or attacked by melee now invokes poison also moved the poison condition to its own script.
  12. Delorog

    Scripted Gear

    ::laughs:: well compared to the others i am working on that seemed pretty tame =p, but probably gonna have easy to modify settings for all of them.
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