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  1. Check my pull request: https://github.com/exectails/PaleTree/pull/3 Note: I've already tried to connect to Melia with these new opcodes, but there's something that doesn't work as expected, that's why I just need an updated Zemyna to investigate on the official servers.
  2. This will frequently be updated by GrandTickler on the official forums: https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/guide-grand-collection-chest-guide/177468
  3. Huge copy-pasta from the official forums: https://forum.treeofsavior.com/t/damage-guide-the-big-formula-modifier-types-and-how-they-interact/118950 The Formula The exact formula, after much testing, and kindly simplified by user Tarocha here on the forums, and another user by the name of KDBA on reddit, is the following : (((((Skill Attack + (Attack + Attack Modifier)) + (random(0% ... 100%) * Magic Amplification)) * (100% + T0)) - (((Defense + Defense Modifier) * (100% + Level Penalty)) + Elemental Resistance)) * (100% + (0 or 50% if crit)) + (0 or Critical Attack) + (Extra Elem
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