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  3. exec

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    Granted, but it's so advanced that it's incompatible to each and every program and game out there. I wish I had more time for my open-source projects.
  4. toru

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    Granted, but you move into an apartment complex that noisy people live in. I wish I had the most powerful laptop in the whole world, and for it to not need much electricity.
  5. RisingGale


    I have a link to a github project for an Elsword emulator that has been abandoned last year. The last update I seen on it was in 2017 feel free to give it a look but keep in mind I am not affiliated with Esemu nor was I that big of a community member when it's community was still available. The link to the project is https://github.com/ESEmu I think it's prealpha so you won't have anything playable with this yet and you most likely will have to put a ton of work into this. This project obviously isn't for the feint of heart so I do not have much hope that you guys will interested in reviving Esemu the problems weren't legal based as to why Esemu failed before it was more of a internal issue I do not know the full details on the internal struggles that past developers had on Esemu so I do not have much information. Anyways I would be eternally grateful for anyone willing to at least take a look at this project even if there isn't much hope for it to be saved.
  6. exec

    about aura

    The last version of Aura is still available on the internet, Nexon only took down the main repository. We can't link you to those sources though, you have to search yourself. Look for a version on GitHub or other sites that was last updated in January 2017. Google translation: 最新版本的Aura仍可在互联网上使用,Nexon只取消了主存储库。 我们无法将您链接到这些来源,但您必须自己搜索。 在GitHub或2017年1月最后更新的其他网站上查找版本。
  7. jeson

    about aura

  8. Miengo

    no conect server

    yes So the client appears to me, but it does not really connect It seems an error of communication between the client and the login, ami the only thing that occurs to me, change the ports ...
  9. exec

    no conect server

    I don't see any obvious problems, it should be working. Just in case, the client and the servers are running on the same computer, yes?
  10. Miengo

    no conect server

    <serverlist><server GROUP_ID="100" TRAFFIC="0" ENTER_LIMIT="100" NAME="Melia" Server0_IP="" Server0_Port="2000"/></serverlist> <!-- edited with XMLSPY v2004 rel. 3 U (http://www.xmlspy.com) by pechia (IMCGames Co., Ltd) --> <ClientCfgFile> <Locale ServiceNation="GLOBAL" Dictionary="YES" DefaultLanguage="English"/> <Nexon UseNexonSSO="NO" UseNexonGameLogManager="NO" SSOServer="No"/> <SecurityApp HackShield="NO" Xigncode="NO"/> <Steam UseSteamClient="YES"/> <Camera Long="45" Lati="38" Fov="45"/> <Sound IgnoreTick="0.03" MaxRange="400" HoldRange="100" MixRate="22050" MaxChannel="16" DistFactor="1000" Pitch="1.0" MusicVolume="50" SoundVolume="255" TotalVolume="255" EnableReverb="TRUE"/> <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL="" NewAccountURL="http://treeofsavior.com" PaymentURL="http://treeofsavior.com" LoadingImgURL="http://drygkhncipyq8.cloudfront.net/toslive/patch/loadingimg/" LoadingImgCount="10"/> <Debug MailFreq="5"/> <HotKey Version="1"/> </ClientCfgFile>
  11. exec

    no conect server

    Could you show us your client.xml and what the serverlist file says (
  12. Miengo

    no conect server

    I can not connect with melia, it does not give me any error, melia login, channel & web work at any time I am using to make the connections, when I open client_tos.exe and I see the connection window, I put my data Account ID & password, in server list it appears melia, so I assume that everything is correct the problem comes when I give Enter, which comes out "connecting to the server", but does not get an answer, no incoming connection appears in the console Even when creating an account with new // my name does not result in either console or DB To create an account enter from and this if you create it I repeat: All this is done in local machine, with local IP
  13. TehCupcakes


    Very true. They probably would DMCA it immediately considering they are in the process of releasing MS2. lol. Well if you want any help privately fleshing it out you know who to call. ;)
  14. exec


    I'm not so sure we should make that public, seeing how it's Nexon once more =P"
  15. TehCupcakes


    Wait what?! Can this be public? XD I've been really wanting to get into it, considering I cut my teeth on private servers with Maplestory... But the initial hurdle of the packet encryption and such is a bit beyond me. x.x If there was a release of just the basics to get in game for MS2 I would be coding up features left and right. ^_^
  16. exec

    DataDog - Data File Viewer

    DataDog is a viewer and potential future editor for Mabinogi's .data (DataDog) format. It allows you to open and view the files and export them to XML, in one or list by list. Source: https://github.com/exectails/DataDog Download: https://github.com/exectails/DataDog/releases
  17. exec

    What is the best languages to learn?

    You're right, seems like it was. That's one of those games I've been meaning to give a try for years. How well does it run on Java?
  18. Lavenblade

    What is the best languages to learn?

    I think Wurm Online was made in Java as well.
  19. exec

    Mabioned - 2D Region Editor

    Version 0.0.7a is now up, I fixed some issues users discovered, especially using Mabioned with older region files, such as G13.
  20. While working with Mabinogi I have often times had the need to visualize the region's collision rectangles and I've written several tools over the years to accomplish this, though they were all very hacky. Mabioned is the ultimate form of these tools, not only displaying prop's and event's shapes, but completely parsing the region and area files and allowing you to change anything about them, even if the purpose of some values might yet to be discovered. The starting point was reading and writing region and area files, with all of the file's properties being accessibly via a property window for you to modify, and displaying the entity's shapes to visualize the region. I then started to add options to interact with the entities on the map to allow you to move and rotate them and add new ones by right-clicking the map. This prototype is still very simple at this point, but first test runs yielded promising results. The biggest limitation right now is modfying the terrain, which is kinda difficult in 2D, but I'm planning to add heightmap support and maybe 3D editing at a later time. I'm looking forward to getting some feedback, so please download it and tell me what you think =) GitHub: https://github.com/exectails/Mabioned Download: https://github.com/exectails/Mabioned/releases
  21. exec

    TW Login Type

    Years ago we found out that TW had a unique login type that passed the login information to the client via command line arguments. This type was and still is available in the NA client as well, and using it brings you directly to the character selection, without login form or start button. If the secondary login is enabled you do have to enter it before reaching the characters though. Parameters: [...] setting:"file://data/features.xml=Regular, X" /N:username /V:password /T:gamania
  22. exec

    File Formats

    This is a collection of binary templates for some of Mabinogi's file formats, such as .rgn and .pack. https://github.com/exectails/MabinogiFileFormats
  23. exec

    MackLib - Pack library

    MackLib is a .NET library primarily designed to read Mabinogi's pack files, with the possibly unique function to read the entire package folder to get the latest version of all files, just like the client does. Originally only development for fun it has been used and tested in several applications at this point, and just today I finally added a way to create new and modify/recreate existing pack files. The library certainly isn't perfect yet, and creating pack files is highly experimental, but we haven't had any problems reading files with it since I initially wrote it. Usage Example: var path = Path.Combine(PackReader.GetMabinogiDirectory(), "package"); using (var pr = new PackReader(path)) { var entry = pr.GetEntry(@"data\db\itemdb.xml"); using (var ms = new MemoryStream(entry.GetData())) using (var sr = new StreamReader(ms)) { // read itemdb } } GitHub: https://github.com/exectails/MackLib
  24. exec


    Have you ever thought that you'd hate to be the person who has to update those huge data mod packs that presumably break every other week? I always thought that if I were the maintainer I would write a tool that does all the hard work for me. Why should I have to go into a file and make the same tweak again and again if I can have a tool do that for me based on a set of rules? With this base idea in mind I created a tool that does just that a while ago: DataModder. This prototype reads instructions on how to modify files from Lua scripts, applies the modifications to the most recent version of the requested file in the client's pack files, and writes the result to a data folder. What's especially useful is that DataModder understands XML. You don't have to set up a collection of crazy regular expressions, which would be prone to breaking as well, you have fine-grained control over how you modify an XML file. For example: loadxmlfile('db/itemdb.xml') setattributes('//Mabi_Item[@ID=1000]', 'Text_Name0', 'Just some book') This would load the item db and change the attribute "Text_Name0" of the item with the id 1000 to "Just some book". A simple rule that will work for as long as that item exists. Similarly you can add and remove XML elements, replace files, and more. I haven't worked on this prototype since I first created it, but I still think it's very promising, and I want to continue it some time. GitHub: https://github.com/exectails/DataModder Some quick usage instructions, should you decide to check it out: "Remove mods" restores the pack files to their original state, "Create data folder" deletes the current data folder and creates a new one based on the mod scripts, and "Modify" modifies the pack files to make the client use the ones in the data folder. Finally, "All in one" goes through those three steps in sequence, as a simple one click data update solution.
  25. Thunderbro


    Since you mentioned it, I'd like to say that I personally really like how you do criticize pull requests. I know I'm not the best coder ever and there have been a few times where it did take awhile to get my pull request all fixed up to be ready to be added to the master, but it keeps everything in the master unified and keeps the code clean and I have found the criticisms in said pull requests to be very helpful. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the constant formatting errors I used to have in my code was annoying.
  26. exec


    We have decided to finally switch from our old chat on Gitter to a Discord server. You can join us by clicking the Chat link in the header or the image below. See you there
  27. exec

    Local File Editor

    A few days ago I overheard someone talk about the need for a translation tool for Mabinogi, to translate the text files in data/local/. After thinking about it for a little while I had an idea how I would approach this and wanted to see how it would turn out. The result: LocalEditor. The main problem with translating dialogues for games is often times the inline codes that you have to navigate around. In Mabi's case it's HTML-style tags that control the buttons, NPC's facial expressions, lists, and more. I came to the conclusion that you would want to focus on the translatable parts as much as possible, so I made the editor pick out those parts, and by pressing Tab you switch to the next element, with the text automatically getting selected. This way you have close to no downtime between typing to translate and jumping to the next text bit. It's just a prototype, but it feels like a nice start. I don't know if I'll perfect it though. I don't actually have any personal need for this tool, I was just curious^^ https://github.com/exectails/LocalEditor
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