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  1. Patiently waiting for yesterdays log to magically appear at any time now 9_9

    1. exec


      I always feel so bad when I'm late =/ And even more so when I don't get anything "meaningful" done in a week. Even when I look at my statistics and see that I did work 130 hours on Aura, like last month =<

  2. Welcome to the jungle ^^
  3. Pegwald


    Welcome to the community
  4. Pegwald


    It works very well for me ^^
  5. Pegwald


    You are very welcome to join my server ^^ I am hosting one for me and a couple of my rlf, so if you don't feel like hosting one of your own, I can send you some information.
  6. Welcome to the community
  7. After 5 long months of <insert excuse here>, I'm finally back and ready to spew bug reports rapidly all over Github, like some kind of a mad clown on crack. Right now there's actually quite a few of them ready to greet you, exec :) 

    1. Rashataan Vuul

      Rashataan Vuul

      Bug testing hype

  8. Pegwald

    Deadly mobs

    I remember that was very annoying, but I am sure that a mob going into deadly state will be knocked back once more, so it is possible to knock a mob away (or down), then knock it back once more when it hits deadly. Also, if dual wielding, you can knock a mob into deadly with your first strike, then instantly finish it with the second strike in mid air. I think it was like that at least... I suddenly feel a little bit uncertain about this is right or not.
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