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  1. @exec is planning on updating Melia and there were many others offering their help (previous project log). It's just that Aura has been the main project, so it has the main focus, especially now with Generation 1 milestone.
  2. Freedom ends... 2 weeks of vacation went by so fast *sigh*

    1. exec


      Vacation is the worst, just when you get used to it, it's over.

  3. Late introductions are late... Well, hardly ever use these parts of forums, but... figured, why not? I'm somewhat skilled in coding, mostly C/C++, but that's enough to easily adapt to most of currently used languages, Java and C# included. Got also some skills in reverse-engineering. As for Mabi, I do enjoy playing on official servers, have been doing it for past 2 years by now, supporting Nexon with some money now and then. For me Aura is an interesting research project. Not trying to use it as a replacement for official servers or anything like that. I'm participating mostly because I'm curious how much can one figure out with quite limited informations. Also... unlike the character, I'm actually a male living somewhere in Europe
  4. Granted, but a cat got his paws on it before you could enjoy it. I wish to be accepted into magic academy.
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