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  1. exec

    About MabiPale

    For all intents and purposes it is just a logger. While it's fully compatible with Alissa (Pake) and could send packets, it requires a packet provider that supports it, and there is no public tool like that (anymore).
  2. Happy Holidays everybody!

  3. exec

    DataDog - Data File Viewer

    Update v1.1.0 Added editing Improved performance Added some hotkeys You can download it on the GitHub Release page.
  4. exec

    Mabioned - 2D Region Editor

    Update v0.8.0a (minor version numbering change) Added filtering/removing similar props by id or class name Added settings option to enable multiple instances of Mabioned Improved copy+paste to work across instances and sessions You can download it on the GitHub Release page.
  5. exec

    Morrighan - Client proxy

    Update v1.6.0 Added tray icon and minimization Added G13 server support using parameter "jpG13"
  6. exec

    S> Coding Abilities

    @Unknown Void Moved here since it doesn't really fit in the Jobs forum. Alright: PayPal didn't find that you got the item because you have a repo, but because I showed them screen shots of me sending you the code via Discord because of the issues with pushing them to GitHub that we talked about. I didn't even get a response to that from you, instead you open a case with PayPal and warn people about me. Thanks, that's just great.
  7. exec

    Likelyhood of a ressurection

    We'd like to make Aura public again at some point, but there are no concrete plans at this time. If all official servers closed down we could do it without much risk, but until that happens we'd have to make changes to it that we weren't and aren't ready to make, as they would cripple the usability and the base features.
  8. exec

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    Granted, but the one you can afford is as big as a GameBoy screen, despite its 1080p resolution. I wish someone would take care of the projects of mine that I don't have enough time for.
  9. exec

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    Granted, but just as it's completely set up a natural disaster destroys it all. I wish I'd never be late for a project log again.
  10. exec

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    It's scary how accurately you've described parts of my life where I did work on some of my projects every waking moment out of obligation to the community xD Granted, but the money came from illegal deals, you're going to prison for life and never experience G22 Aura. I wish a day had more hours.
  11. exec

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    Granted, but it's so advanced that it's incompatible to each and every program and game out there. I wish I had more time for my open-source projects.
  12. exec

    about aura

    The last version of Aura is still available on the internet, Nexon only took down the main repository. We can't link you to those sources though, you have to search yourself. Look for a version on GitHub or other sites that was last updated in January 2017. Google translation: 最新版本的Aura仍可在互联网上使用,Nexon只取消了主存储库。 我们无法将您链接到这些来源,但您必须自己搜索。 在GitHub或2017年1月最后更新的其他网站上查找版本。
  13. exec

    no conect server

    I don't see any obvious problems, it should be working. Just in case, the client and the servers are running on the same computer, yes?
  14. exec

    no conect server

    Could you show us your client.xml and what the serverlist file says (
  15. exec


    I'm not so sure we should make that public, seeing how it's Nexon once more =P"