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  1. I logged all of the packets for the Roulette Bingo event. The only thing I haven't included was stacking three tickets on top of each other to get the doll bad and the actual functions of the doll bag. I may still try to get these as the event goes on. Roulette Bingo Event.zip
  2. I recorded anything I could think of and find regarding the mail system and organized it all into different files. There shouldn't be much data sifting to find what you're looking for. Postal.zip
  3. I grabbed these packets for the Fox Mini-Gem pet item thing. I always thought the mini gem pets were cute and it would be neat to have them. They're basically just aesthetic mini pets that follow you around. They don't serve any other use that I know of. I found a few others, including the sheep and the watermelon as well. Mini-Gems.zip
  4. A bunch of chair packets that I logged as resources to get the rest of the chairs up and running. The 2 player chairs require that both players are in the same party and it sends a request to the owner of the chair for the person to mount the chair with them. The fishing chair prompts you to select bait upon using it to sit down and loads up the fishing skill automatically. **EDIT**: I've added a second .zip that includes a list of chairs that don't work on the server + all of the other packets I could gather on the chairs. If anyone winds up needing more packet data for 2nd seat or fishing chairs just let me know. I have those chairs on hand. Chairs.zip Chairs2.zip
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