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  1. I wrote a little dll to dump all packet information. Output is a file in TreeOfSavior\data named packetinfo.txt containing all Packet Information in the following format: <PacketName> <OpCode> <Size> Size=0 means a variable size There is no specific order apart from occurrence in the function. I also added the compiled dll PacketDump.dll
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    Hi, I just started reverse engineering the TOS network protocol and your project has been a huge help with that. So I thought about also contributing a bit. I noticed that your ZC_DEAD Packet is not correct. I program in Java and I don't know how to do stuff in C# so I don't want to create a pull-request, but here is the Structure of the Packet public class Dead { private short size; private int handle; private byte unk1; private byte killCount; private byte unk3; private byte unk4; private Killer[] killer; private static class Killer { private int handle; private int xp; private int classXp; } } I hope this will be useful for you.
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