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  1. Granted but you'll never use that sort of skills for Aura. I wish my work contract gets approved soon.
  2. Wish granted, but it's buggy and unwieldy, with customization being nearly non-existant. I wish I had my own fuel efficient, unbreakable, four-wheeled, speedy, maintenance-free, ecological, five-seater car.
  3. Granted, but you'll always be in constant stress, as all types of clocks and watches seem to go crazy when gazed at by you, not knowing how close to the "deadline" you truly are, dreading every moment. I wish I could afford a second monitor, supporting 1080p resolutions.
  4. Sadly I know the feeling, although not to that extent. Eventually you learn to accept that you're only obligated to contribute as long as you feel like it. Granted, but it's an utter piece of unplayable crap, incapable of running on even the most sophisticated computers. I wish I could afford a decently equipped computer/server lab.
  5. YaibaToKen


    Oh woow, not sure I even introduced myself in the old forums, but here it goes. Name's Bruno, 24yo, Portuguese, trying to get a degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering. Started programming back when I was 15yo, fell in love with it. Also love tinkering with hardware. Really like building tools and little bits of software to ease more monotonous and time consuming tasks (like say generate scripts for all the Pet Whistles in Mabinogi, or even writing hunting quests for Mabinogi's mobs). In case someone's interested: https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality As for Exec's criticism, I find it helped me grow as a programmer, by knowing what I'm doing wrong or could do better, understanding what a client could complain or request and so on. Not to mention, keeping the codebase clean and unified makes for an easier experience when attempting to understand the existing systems.
  6. -Tries to find a place in life- One day I'll make it! -Keeps getting lost-

  7. Granted, but you'll be to tired to do anything else and end up in a vicious cycle where all you do is homework. I wish I could fund Exec's work on Aura full-time.
  8. Granted but you'll lose all motivation to work on them whilst being forced to spend every waking moment improving them, and every second of sleep being plagued with nightmares over the unmanageable expectations and needs of said projects. I wish my work contract gets aproved.
  9. Granted, but the same solar flare that wipes out all computers also burns down the Netherlands to a crisp, turning it into The Nether. I wish I could afford moving out of my parent's house
  10. Thanks with that I can do the only missing Accessory from SAO Gachapon script. Now to figure out if I have to add all Elite Passes one by one...
  11. Ouch, thanks, didnt even notice. Granted, she comes back as a zombie and dies of starvation, everyone with a brain is currently staying at home, working on Aura I wish I mastered all programming languages.
  12. Granted but you'll spend them in a coma
  13. Not knowing if this is the proper place but, we're missing the Enchant Cold Winter, it's a r9 suffix if anyone has any idea about it, do tell. It might also go under a different name in the aura files...
  14. Oh!!! The contribution graph didnt even occur to me! Makes sense now xD
  15. I just don't see it :'( maybe I don't use git enough
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