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  1. Granted, but there will be a solar flare which wipes out all computers. I wish for more sun like the past few weeks in the netherlands
  2. Granted, but you will still make less than you do now. I wish for a longer vacation
  3. alternatively, try pressing the "admin button" from the mysql service in xammp
  4. Alternatively, you can right click on the executable, click "Create Shortcut", go into the properties of the shortcut (right click->properties) and add -SERVICE at the end of the path
  5. Granted, but you will be the only person in the universe. I wish to get an new graphics card
  6. I've been quite busy with black desert online luckily
  7. Hey there sailor

    1. Miro
    2. Arufonsu


      Stalking is not stalking when information is public Dx

  8. Granted, but the wish will only work on frog-related wishes. I wish for a crate of beer.
  9. Granted, But it will be a harem for someone you hate. I wish for unlimited money
  10. Granted, But exec will stop working on aura because he spends all his time with me. I wish that everyone has a nice christmas
  11. NA nexon has improved a lot imo, more interaction, better support, more professional websites, frequent updates/events, lots of forum events. EU nexon.. Besides hating most of the EU playerbase in any eu server spamming global chats in their own languages, the sites seemed quite old and we all know how the "update" schedule was there.. Don't know about their support system etc, but for me it just seems/seemed that nexon EU doesn't quite know what they're doing
  12. Eu nexon is 10x as horrible as na nexon though
  13. Miro

    Item upgrades

    is LancePiercing the official name for piercing? because the pierce effects work on any weapon that already has at least 1 level of pierce
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