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  1. Hit me me up on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/rashvuul/
  2. Everybody loves Raymond!!! Buckle up, Drive Safe~
  3. Hi Tuna! Err I mean, Fish! Buckle up, Drive Safe~
  4. Buckle up, Drive Safe~
  5. Rashataan Vuul


    Buckle up, Drive Safe~
  6. Buckle up, Drive safe~
  7. Welcome to wonderland.
  8. Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games!
  9. Rashataan Vuul


    Welcome to the Aura forums. Where we make YOUR dreams come true.
  10. Have you guys ever just looked at all the games you ever own. (Console and PC) and just be like... F***!!! There's nothing I feel like playing!
  11. Rashataan Vuul


    Welcome! Yeah, I'm a lurker, too! Well, only thing I contribute is to reporting issues (hardly ever) and I made a guide which technically isn't my guide but a guide that Xcelled had made so yeah. Welcome!
  12. I've never really logged anything before. Do I need a program or do I just copy down all the dialog?
  13. Oh, that's been around almost since the beginning as far as I know. I've started Mabinogi NA when it was on G2 and I still remember putting red spiders into deadly at random times.
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