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    Good we need pissed off people like you to focus on glitches and missing packets. If you are really interested in learn C#, aura is a great oportunity for it, now you can also help the project by doing packets and information research.
  2. Arufonsu

    HN Project

    It's already translated ^^ Don't really need to, like i said, anyone interested can PM me so we can talk and see what to do
  3. Arufonsu

    HN Project

    Hello everyone, we are a small team of friends working in a fun and new kind of project along with Aura and Mabinogi. This is not a "paid job" as our futher income (if we ever have) from donations only will be destinated to help aura. What do you need? -Basic knowledge of mabinogi -Knowledge on Spanish and English languages. -Some free time ("work" whenever you want.) What do you earn? -Experience -New friends If you would like to join this group of friends and this project that might break frontiers, PM me!
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      Stalking is not stalking when information is public Dx