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Found 5 results

  1. Enchants are apparently saved as structs inside the item data, similar to ItemInfo and ItemOptionInfo, and by the looks of it, every enchant effect might actually be its own struct. You can clearly see the values as a short, at the end of the first line, and the short before that is probably the stat. I wondered where the increased repair fee is for a moment, but then I remembered that the fee is based on the item's price, so the enchant most likely simply increased the price. Reforges seem to work the same way, with one struct inside this list for every effect. From what I can tell they start with 07, instead of 01, so the first int (?) is probably the type. Unfortunately I don't have a clue what the other values mean, which is why we need more data. Much more. We need logs of many different enchants, with different stats, different values, and different effects. For example, I have no clue where it would store the "Level >= X" checks. If you want to help out, get your enchanted items, drop one, pick it back up, log the packet with the op ItemNew, and post it here, or send it to me via PM, with a note, of which enchants the item has, so I can compare the information. Posting here would be better though. Don't worry about the data, if you exclude or mask the packet id and the first long in ItemNew, there shouldn't be anything that could lead back to you.
  2. exec

    Item upgrades

    While many types of item upgrades are supported already, we're still missing some, that I didn't have any data on. // TODO: // - CollectionSpeed // - CollectionBonus // - SplashRadius // - ManaUse // - ManaBurn // - MagicDamage // - CastingSpeed // - LancePiercing // - MusicBuffBonus // - MusicBuffDuration // - MaxBullets // - Artisan // - ChainCastIf you have items with these types of upgrades, try to get the item data with Pale, for example, by dropping the item and picking it back up, and post it here. What I need are the two strings after the bins, the meta data. It might look something like this: MTWR:1:1; MTWR:1:1;EHLV:4:2;OWNER:s:Name; QUAL:4:61;MTWR:1:1;
  3. exec

    PTJ dialogues

    I know, collecting dialog is boring, but if you feel like doing some PTJs, think about logging the dialog, which is the most time consuming part of adding the PTJs. If it wasn't for that, some of them could be added in a matter of minutes. Specifically, we need these dialogues: Dialog for when you're already doing a different PTJ. Dialog for coming back early without being done. Dialog for coming back early after being done. Report later dialog. Report now dialog. Dialog for reporting without having done anything. Dialog for reporting with having only done a little. (You get different dialogues and rewards, based on the amount you've done.) Dialog for reporting with having done almost everything. Dialog for reporting with having done everything. Dialog for PTJ keyword while no PTJs are given out. Dialog for declining the PTJ offer. If deliver PTJs go to various NPCs, the dialog for each of them. As you can see, every single PTJ takes several in-game days to get everything, but there's no way around it, to implement them, we need the dialog =| I'm working on logging Dilys right now, and Endelyon is already done.
  4. Does anybody still have a character with Eiry that hasn't been anywhere yet? I need the explanation dialogues from her, like when you enter Dugald and Alby, and who knows which other places. Also, when you enter special places, like banks and shops, she explains where you are right now when you speak to her and select Main Location. Basically I need all those dialogues. I can only get the repeating ones, because I've already been everywhere with my only Eiry char =/ Just start logging, go into places, maybe talk to her to see if there's a special message, select Main Location just in case, save the log, and post it here.
  5. exec

    Moon Gates G1

    Does anyone remember if the Moon Gate timetables in G1 were different from G2? And maybe a site that had a list? The oldest list I could find so far is G2. I think there must've have been at least one more list, for when the Dugald seal stone wasn't broken yet. Might seem silly to want the official timetable, but I got all the other official ones already =P
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