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  1. Luan

    Unable to attack and get skills

    I tried without weapon, already tried in another map and does not work for me... // Edit tested with other classes, as Archer and Swordsman, they do not attack, even without weapon in hand do not attack with 'Z'
  2. Luan

    Unable to attack and get skills

    exactly /\
  3. Luan

    Unable to attack and get skills

    other day, I gave spawn in the mob, and I was trying to make a simple attack and could not also '-'
  4. Luan

    TOS Exe With command

    Yes, only in this way is something in my opinion "more professional". Since I do not think we have a right to fix the customer way without having to create a shortcut.
  5. Luan

    Hello guys

    thanks :3
  6. Luan

    Hello guys

    Hello everyone, I am a player of Lineage 2 so many years, but in recent years, the game lost what was 5 ~ 7 years ago, and TOS was what caught my attention, although the game does not have anything like (graphics ). But let me very excited, and saw the project, where I try to help if I can ^^ I will try to help as you can, and hope for something out of the community, who knows mine too? :D
  7. Luan

    TOS Exe With command

    Today was calling the server Melia TOS. I realized a few things, if anyone has thought to open something with TOS. I spent a .bat file with the commands to open the client -SERVICE and it is working perfectly, both in the game folder, as a shortcut Program Bat to Exe Converter http://www.f2ko.de/downloads/Bat_To_Exe_Converter.zip Code: start Client_tos.exe -SERVICE save the .bat extension, then just use the program. If not want to use the program I provide my file \/ extract and place within the folder Steam\steamapps\common\Tree Of Savior\release Tree of Savior.rar
  8. Luan


    It worked, now I understand what was wrong =D
  9. Luan


    I'm testing the Melia, but can not run the server side usually The shortcut on the client [ -SERVICE ] Client.xml Now for the problems ... When by the ips the client is in KR by putting the normal game ips, the game is in English. user.xml when is if I move to Inglês, to start the game it back to KR. If I leave the normal ips, it is in English Another problem, I can not create account in giving new// the account name and password appears some problem and can not get