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  1. Wish granted, Incineroar is your boyfriend, but he incinerates you and you die. I wish I knew what to wish for.
  2. I haven't played Terraria in quite awhile, but this mod looks pretty neat.
  3. Wish granted, but the code quality goes downhill. I wish for a feature complete Aura.
  4. Granted, but there are now less days in a week. I wish for a sequel to Sonic Mania.
  5. Wish granted, but you're going to be paid minimum wage. I wish to finish my homework.
  6. Thunderbro


    Since you mentioned it, I'd like to say that I personally really like how you do criticize pull requests. I know I'm not the best coder ever and there have been a few times where it did take awhile to get my pull request all fixed up to be ready to be added to the master, but it keeps everything in the master unified and keeps the code clean and I have found the criticisms in said pull requests to be very helpful. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the constant formatting errors I used to have in my code was annoying.
  7. The only game I know of that was developed in Java (aside from tiny student projects) is Minecraft. Its definitely good to learn since its still widely used in the industry, but its not normally used for game development, most of the time games seem to be coded in C++ or C#. Although if you know either of those languages, learning Java would not be that hard honestly.
  8. Thunderbro


    I don't really follow Maplestory server emulators, was that a project you were working on Exec?
  9. Thunderbro


    Oh boy, fancy.
  10. For future reference I will be leaving any metadata information that I find here. MetaData1 ============================================================================= 12025 - Wedding Ring BRDNAM:s:Spouse;GRMNAM:s:Thunderbro;MRGID:s:1000000004cffa&10000000025d76@39e0a7a8a005;MRGSTR:s:wedding message; 61001 - Score Scroll AUTHOR:s:Thunderbro;BRDSNG:4:1;HIDDEN:1:0;LEVEL:2:9;SCORE:s:2958%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;TITLE:s:Border of Life; I will update this post if I find anything else.
  11. Thunderbro

    Hello All

    Hello, and welcome!
  12. Thunderbro

    Hi, I'm Fish

    Hello, and welcome Fish.
  13. Thunderbro


    Hi, I've actually been following this project for a couple of years now, and actually made this account months back. Now that G1 is implemented, I decided to start using my Aura server again. I'm a novice coder (a little experience with VB, and a little bit more with Java, which seems to have somewhat similar syntax to C#) so I'm not sure if I will be able to help with adding commits on github, but I surely will be on the lookout for bugs. Anyways, nice to meet you all.
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