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Status Updates posted by exec

  1. Happy Holidays everybody!

  2. Welcome at NoCodeNoLife.org!

  3. Happy Holidays everybody

  4. *sigh*

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    2. Sairii
    3. Cryptic


      Still dunno what to do? :x

      Why in the hell does :x turn into :x?

      Er.. nice, the question mark fuked it up. WELP :x

    4. exec


      Well, I guess I do know, kinda, but it's sigh-worthy.


      Why in the hell

      When I was younger some ppl used : x as kissing. While I can't find a reference for that, I assume that's why, and that it's just rarely used like that (anymore?).

  5. I'll have to do the log tomorrow, sorry about that.

  6. Where is that button to turn off RL >_>

    1. Cryptic
    2. DennouNeko


      A nasty GM removed it from the menu ;) 

    3. YaibaToKen


      you mean the log out button? welcome to RLO (Real Life Online), you must clear all 100 floors if you wish to leave!

  7. In the process of updating Aura for NA229.

  8. I'm not pleased with my public progress on Aura and Melia lately .__. This will change right now!

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    2. exec


      Try to get back to it =)

    3. xeroplz


      I shall :o I think it was mostly bug fixes that needed to be done... and a completely working grapple shot

    4. Miro


      I haven't had any progress in quite a long time now :P

  9. My graphics card stopped working last night ~_~

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    2. xeroplz


      it will be missed ; ;

    3. Rashataan Vuul

      Rashataan Vuul

      Have you tried unplugging your microwave and resetting your phone?

    4. exec


      @Rashataan Vuul No, does that work? =O I only tried mowing the lawn and washing the laundry, that usually does it for me, but not this time .__. Oh well, I like my new one^^

  10. "Current streak: 180 days" Woo!

  11. Got an appointment, I'll have to write the log later today =|

  12. Minor op changes in the latest update, keep a look out for things not working correctly.

  13. Dilys' PTJ should be working now, incl. learning Herbalism when done 10+ times.

  14. Happy new year everybody

    1. Delorog


      Happy New year! exec, and everyone else ^.^

  15. Made some changes to the inventory, if you notice anything being off, notify me or create an issue on GH. 

  16. So... much... to do... :_exhausted__by_sparklydest-d2yw72f:

    1. Pegwald


      Don't push yourself too hard, man. Take your time to just make a cup of hot chocolate and embrace the fact it's Christmas soon ^^
      Throw in some marshmallows for some extra sweetness :>

    2. Cryptic


      Gotta love that overwhelming feeling. Just take it one step at a time.

    3. Sairii


      hmm.... thinking about mentioning the new AI system.... NAH
      : DDDD

  17. I've added new security checks to rebirthing. While everything worked in my tests, keep an eye out for potential errors.

  18. Updated the forum, please tell me if something isn't working right.

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    2. exec


      Have you tried emptying your cache? I can't reproduce this in any browser.

    3. Pikachu


      Empty cache/incognito mode doesn't seem to help. Not really a big deal, though.

    4. exec


      Your original report was that the links didn't work properly, that would be a big deal imo o.o

    1. Blasterboy
    2. MajorCyto
    3. xeroplz


      now i'll be able to send myself messages to not feel lonely while breaking Grapple Shot over and over

  19. Silver-lining: A fresh server is a fast server.

    1. Cryptic


      I notice the difference o:


    2. exec


      It's a new HDD as well of course, who knows how the damaged one affected the speed^^

  20. Haven't written a single line of code for Aura so far today, but spent >2 hours just talking to people about Aura...

    1. Cryptic
    2. exec



      Well, got 2 hours of coding done, better than nothing.

  21. Gonna build up a new todo list and Wiki today.

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