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2015 and Games


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I feel like this year has been somewhat slow in terms of anticipated games. Two of the games I wanted most this year...

  • Peria Chronicles was pushed back to mid/late 2016.
  • Final Fantasy 15 was pushed back to mid 2016.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 ??? I'm not even too sure about this one...

Both Peria and FF15 were supposed to debut this fall, but oh well. There are others, but I can't think of them right now. Have any games that you all have been waiting for been pushed back or disappeared off of the roster for upcoming games? *cough* peria *cough*

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Hmm.. I really don't play too many other games, but isn't there that mobile pokemon game coming out? I kinda want to try that out. As for new games that have been released this year... well I enjoy playing Rocket League with a few friends.

Pokemon Go? Augmented reality mobile game I believe is what it's classified as, correct me if I'm wrong. Definitely an interesting concept that will change how a lot of games will work in the coming years. Started with Ingress I believe.

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