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  1. You would either have to do heavy modifications to the Client, or use animations and images that already exist. exec already did this once, but with the legacy version of Aura I believe, and using animations and images that exist within the Client: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf_o8gnFUzg It would probably be easier to do something like this now though.
  2. Blade3575

    Nao Outfits

    That's Lightning Rod. It's the lightning advanced magic. Meteor is the fire advanced magic and Hail Storm is the ice. I'm curious about F7 though.
  3. It could be a timed change, like Valentine's and Christmas.
  4. Isn't that what Mana Magician does? +1 Decreased MP Consumption if Magic Mastery Rank C+
  5. AddBonusOnAlchemy: SetSetItemEffectOnEquip and Element: SetItemOption: Missing at the end is: 019 [..............00] Byte : 0 020 [..............00] Byte : 0 CP:
  6. Pokemon Go? Augmented reality mobile game I believe is what it's classified as, correct me if I'm wrong. Definitely an interesting concept that will change how a lot of games will work in the coming years. Started with Ingress I believe.
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