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    Very true. They probably would DMCA it immediately considering they are in the process of releasing MS2. lol. Well if you want any help privately fleshing it out you know who to call. ;)
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    Wait what?! Can this be public? XD I've been really wanting to get into it, considering I cut my teeth on private servers with Maplestory... But the initial hurdle of the packet encryption and such is a bit beyond me. x.x If there was a release of just the basics to get in game for MS2 I would be coding up features left and right. ^_^
  3. In general, people logging packets shouldn't have trouble figuring this out, but just to help people out... cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release" Zemyna.exe host: port:7001 :: (Klaipeda) :: (Orsha) :: (Fedirnian) :: (Telsiai) :: (Varena) Stick Zemyna in the ToS/release folder and put this block into a .bat file anywhere. As you can see, I've included the IP and port for each of the iTOS servers as of right now. I can't get the IP for Silute because it's down right now. (They're relocating it anyway, so the IP is bound to change.)
  4. I get an error when opening the pre-compiled version (i11257). However, I was able to recompile the solution myself and everything works fine. Seems to just be the plugin dlls that were the issue.
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