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    I have a link to a github project for an Elsword emulator that has been abandoned last year. The last update I seen on it was in 2017 feel free to give it a look but keep in mind I am not affiliated with Esemu nor was I that big of a community member when it's community was still available. The link to the project is https://github.com/ESEmu I think it's prealpha so you won't have anything playable with this yet and you most likely will have to put a ton of work into this. This project obviously isn't for the feint of heart so I do not have much hope that you guys will interested in reviving Esemu the problems weren't legal based as to why Esemu failed before it was more of a internal issue I do not know the full details on the internal struggles that past developers had on Esemu so I do not have much information. Anyways I would be eternally grateful for anyone willing to at least take a look at this project even if there isn't much hope for it to be saved.
  2. (this is unrelated to aura but the official NA server) There are tons of bugs in this game i can easily shrug off but the one bug that has been around forever that mabinogi has still yet to fix is a bug that focus fist has a chance to make your characters unable to target,click,or attack anything its not a new issue and if it doesnt get fixed soon im gonna rage quit mabi for a looong time and I hope im not the only one who will pressure them to fix the bug cuz its seriously getting old I can only get screwed over half way through a shadow mission or a fumor world dungeon like albey or baol before i lose my cool and I have been pretty patient over it considering the fast it hasnt made me think about rage quitting until today lmao..
  3. even if you wanna make money its still better to keep it open source competition is more beneficial to games then companies will admit, it attracts alot of attention and helps build a fanbase i can see why devcat,kog,or any mmo company would be mad at people for making money off of their work however they would be doing alot better if they worked with private servers let them exist as long as they. 1. get updates 3 months later then the local official server 2. give 20% of their earnings to the local official server by doing this it would be a win win for everyone
  4. as long as you stay open source it could open up opportunities definitely the ESEMU and the RUSTY Revolution projects though (if Rusty Revolution is real) are closed source and while its cool and all to have an emulator it my opinion will actually be their downfall. I think Open Source brings competition and competition means growth ESEMU will undoubtedly be swallowed by irrelevance as long as KOG still lives and people are dumb enough to feed them and keep elsword alive. Rusty Revolution I am quite unsure what will happen to them I hardly heard of them up until recently and to top it off Idk if they are even real or use an emulator and if they don't use an emulator they will die due to lack of content.
  5. I been playing the NA server and I noticed the playerbase has dropped alot will Mabinogi NA close?! *cries hoping im just over reacting*
  6. thats illegal and if caught you'd get banned or worse (the worse that could happen is like 1 out out 10,000 chances of happening)
  7. 1.Heh its cool thanks anyways 2.they already admitted that they know there is money bro and they admitted there is demand I am telling you Sega is the most racist company I have ever seen lol look it up all they publish themselves is sonic and honestly the sonic fanbase is shrinking each year youd think they would use this as an opportunity to take a break from rehashing sonic every damn year or 2.
  8. so you might help them when not busy (I am not associated I have no money or coding experience)? cuz it sucks that Sega has been an absolute dick with shoving sonic down our throats lately and keeping the good IPs to Japan only even if they know the demand is extremely high and there is profit to be made in the west.....
  9. What is this and are you guys involved? https://github.com/PolarisTeam/PolarisServer
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