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  1. Thank you for the thorough response I'm really looking forward to see where this goes lol I want to play so bad now haha The sad thing is in my mind I just didn't want to have to redo weaving twice just to quit or have my characters deletes lmao but thank you I appreciate your reply I'll make a steam so I can hit you up lol
  2. But I fear investing time into the game when I may fall out of it for the same reason I fell out of official. i remained through G1, through the introduction of the two other races and the iria update, through the change of premium service and nao revive crystals, through the introduction of shadow missions and Tailteann and Tara. But when the Shakespeare stuff got added I was lost. i all but stopped logging in, as a player and fan of Mabinogi, I was lost to the change of direction and storyline. is there anyone who can speak on the development of the current server, what is the plan as far as generation updates, will it include everything that the official server had upto the closing of the server? if so that is fine, I still have fun looking at old screens and remembering a time where this was the only game I could think about. Id rather leave it as a fond memory than open it up to be minimized further. No offense to those who liked the new content, I quit playing official servers way back in like 2010 or 11. So I'm sure I have missed a lot of content. But the core of the game was ruined to me once it got so expansive and deviating from the original lore. Not to sound like I'm complaining because there's always that guy who comes in bitching about everything lol and that's not me at all. I just know I won't wanna play any of the new content. But that's just me Either way it goes the whole aura project is amazing, had it not been for me seeing an old mabi friend of mine (Yoorah) posting about this place on YouTube I would have never known about it, and I feel it's a great thing for the mabi players who wanted more than the NA servers allowed them to have.
  3. Adori

    Then and now

    o.o dunbarton square looks perilous af lmao was that an event?
  4. Adori

    Then and now

    I'll go first this screenshot was taken Jan 24 2010 Damn that was hard
  5. Adori

    Hello All

    Thank you ? Thanks Hah thank you guys ? ????????thanks Wadduh bro ✌?️?✌?️
  6. Adori

    Then and now

    Does anybody have any screenshots from the official servers and from the new server you play on? it would be cool to see
  7. Adori

    Hello All

    I'm Adori, most of my old mabi friends call me dori i use to play on Ruari NA Just figured I'd pop in and see who all was still playing and who I could reconnect with. ✌?️
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