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  1. Lavenblade

    What is the best languages to learn?

    I think Wurm Online was made in Java as well.
  2. Lavenblade

    Hello All

    Hey, welcome to the Aura Community!
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    Hi Everyone, Raymond here

  4. Lavenblade

    Hey, everyone.

    Well, if I'm lucky I'll be doing something great 7-8 years from now!
  5. Lavenblade

    Hey, everyone.

    Hey, everyone. I'm Lavenblade; Lav or Laven for short. I've been stalking these forums for a bit, and will remain doing so as I see how Aura matures. Anyways, I wanted to share a little bit of information about myself with the community. First and foremost, I do not personally play very many games and I have a hard time finding any that I actually like. I'm extremely picky when it comes to games. I mainly come from a Ragnarok Online background from within their Private Server Community. I have played Mabinogi quite a bit too, but nothing like I've played RO. Mabinogi is just one of those games that I truely cherished the experience in, just not in a hardcore kind of way like RO. I am more of a casual take my time kind of player in Mabi, where as in RO it was all about grind, farm, WoE, PvP for years. Played tons of other online games, but not many stuck with me as well. Besides being a fan of Mabinogi, I'm also here due to interest from the programmer side of me. I'm a self taught programmer and started learning when I was 14. Never been to school, but kinda just learned to dabble in everything. Started with basic web development and grew into actual computer programming. Learning Roadmap: HTML CSS DM (BYOND Engine) JavaScript PHP SQL Linux (Headless) C# I've done tons of reading in other languages and technologies, but these are the ones I've always been interested in the most, and of course the most comfortable in. I consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none. Although, I'd love to become extremely adept and comfortable in C#. It's my most favored of all programming languages. I see myself eventually creating a living off the work I do, and for most of my life computer science has been a huge passion of mine. While I do not consider myself as talented as most of you, I do wish to continue to learn and hope that eventually I can make time to get involved and participate in this learning experience. Anyways, I just wanted to officially introduce myself. In the meantime I imagine I'll just be quietly lurking, refreshing the forums a couple of times a day.