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    MELIA REQUEST: NPC scripting enhancement

    oh! i can't believe i missed the variable string stuff! thanks Guess i can start on some few with this. And yes i agree that it should be well researched before implementing such functions. I can't really say what functions might be needed since i just started playing ToS. But part of playing is my craving to get as much info as i can. well I'm still level 31 in-game so i still have a long way to go. I'll do whatever i can for now with what's available. And get familiarize with the game
  2. Zira

    MELIA REQUEST: NPC scripting enhancement

    * Setting a permanent variable/string on a character after finishing a quest. There are also repeatable quests up to certain times, so this would be very much useful. * Attaching Cinematic stuff upon entering the MVP zone. * When i explore the maps before starting any introductory quests. I noticed that there are many missing NPCs on field. Are the NPCs visible only for Player? Does NPCs appear on player when He/She Activates it via quest? how do we make it invisible to other player when they haven't done a certain quest yet? * Mob Kill counter & Item obtained counter. * Quest Timer. There's this quest where you have to survive for 2minutes before you can access the Mining dungeon.
  3. Hello to all developers, I was about to start on NPC dialogues for melia but when i checked Docs and "ChannelServer/Scripting" i know that this should be enhanced before starting on making dialogues.. Simplifying the process of writing NPC scripts so that many people can contribute even with low level of scripting skills (like me) ... Else we will have to re-write it all when enhancement is implemented on a later updates. How about having a centralized file where we can write all usable functions so that "NPC dialogue" scripts will just focus on "dialogues" and can call a function without having to type "local" or "local function". Perhaps this can minimize filesize too. Well something that will make dialogue writing easy coz there are many NPCs that we will have to write.
  4. Zira

    Corrupt the Wish above you

    Granted... But the whole world will drown in flood... I wish for Cheeze Burger
  5. Zira


    Hello there, I've been posting some stuff here and there but i totally forgot to greet everyone here so Hi y'all! I'm hoping to get a wider understanding of this new system so i can contribute to it aswel. we learn, then we share what we learn. And hopefully someday i will see my alias marked on a system code ** I love the forum layout ** See you around !
  6. Zira

    [Linux][Debian] Melia Setup Guide

    yes i did follow the instruction. it worked once on a clean copy. then i get the error upon recompiling. * glad the guide has been updated. but it's still missing the log folder. 5. Copying required files mkdir live cp bin/Release/{*.exe,*.dll,*liblua*} live cp -r {system,sql,user,lib,log,doc} live * need to "mkdir log" inside live folder.
  7. Zira

    S> Coding Abilities

    Lookin forward for your service soon
  8. Zira

    [Linux][Debian] Melia Setup Guide

    Error on compiling. MSBUILD: error MSBUILD0004: Too many project files specified
  9. Zira

    Help: Packet error

    AH!! i get it now lol that was noob of me lol! thanks.
  10. Zira

    Help: Packet error

    Hello, sorry for the trouble but i'm having a problem trying to connect to melia offline. Below is the screen shot of the error that i'm getting everytime i launch the client.