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    Hello Everyone, I just discovered Aura yesterday and am sad I did not so earlier. I am a huge fan of both Mabinogi and TOS and I am really impressed on the amount of work that has been done on this project to emulate the server side architecture for both games and even more so that it has been opened up to a community project. Personally I am interested mostly in the Mabinogi side of things and was happy to be able to get Aura set up yesterday to run a Mabinogi server on my local machine. I see there is still much work that needs to be done and am happy to see if there are things I may be able to contribute. While I am not what I would really consider a programmer, I learn quick, and I am am still able to follow the code easily enough to already get in to be able to muck around a bit. Hopefully with enough study and practice I may be able to become a productive member of this community and be able to contribute some worth while things. I look forward to being here! Kiduni