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  1. i have the charge one somewhere, ill post it Edit: here it is charge_enhancement.txt
  2. Isnt that the like charge enhancement when you equipt an avon shield type stuff?
  3. Nexon is updating their legal stuff, may want to take a look at it

  4. granted but it will be a cake that looks like a pie I wish for a private concert with the amity affliction
  5. Granted but it will be run by nexon. I wish for god-like abilities
  6. Granted, but you will need to go on a life-long journey to find it. I wish for a better computer ;c
  7. granted but it will end within the same day it started due to abuse of the event I wish for a really good bagel
  8. Depends if you are just starting i hear python is really good to start with because its pretty easy http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/
  9. granted but every useful commit will be poorly coded. I wish for official server files ;c
  10. Granted but the lemonade will get in your eyes I wish for a portal to anywhere i want
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