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  1. Granted but the fish will smell and taste of liquid ass. I wish for infinite knowledge!
  2. ckeel12201

    Windows 10

    Idk if you figured this out yet but click the start button click settings click personal click colors turn off automatically choose color based on my background (I think its broke anyway it always chooses black for me no matter the background) choose your colors and turn on show color for start taskbar and action center
  3. ckeel12201

    Windows 10

    I have had it sense the first insider preview and I have got to say I have seen it evolve in so many ways and I think it is a great system for one the bugs in w10 is no where near as annoying as all the bugs in win8 still lol its pretty damn stable except a few bad drivers here and there as companies ship them in.
  4. I think once this course is over I am going to start c# as I probably wont have another programming course coming during the time I work towards my degree. This is just intro to programming and I am only about 7 week in 4 more weeks and its over so I am doubtful that I will learn to master VB before then. I will probably just know all the basics of building stuff in VB which will be handy I am sure :3 but I am interested in understanding and learning c# for possible job opportunities in the future.
  5. I was thinking maybe learning a second language along side VB would be a good idea but it sounds like it would be better to finish the class before learning a second language.
  6. Well as I mentioned I am really interested in learning how games run and how interesting programming into games can be. I mean I am already hooked into programming because just the other day I was bored so I challenged myself to make a simple calculator it was fun but I hadn't known enough to get everything to call to the right module turned out to be simple my teacher had helped me. But yes visual basic is really easy to start with I tried to fiddle with C# and C++ and I am like "This is much more difficult to figure out" as I know nothing on it so far :3 have figured out simple things thus far which is naming variables but it is my goal to learn both eventually. I also want to know what would be most helpful for this community exec. If at all possible I wanted to try to learn and help at the same time with your new project when you decided to start it. I am actually interested in learning this as well. so thank you for the link ^^
  7. In school they started us off learning visual basics language vs C# or C++ and I eventually want to start learning how to program in both of those languages. I also want to know the many languages best with games. I have Unity downloaded but have yet to tinker with it due to school. Programming is one thing I do find extensively fun to do I never knew how satisfying it was to get something to work after hours of being put into it lol. Anyway I am open to all suggestions and opinions I also would love to hear the first language you learned as well as how you branched out from there and how difficult it was to do so. Also if you want to see how messy my coding is I could post a few of my console projects we did here x3
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