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  1. Displaying everything is the client's job, so the question should rather be if it's possible to use custom models in Mabinogi. Since I have near to no experience in this area I can't answer it definitively right now, but I'm pretty sure people have done Mabinogi model swaps for years, incl. custom models. All you have to do is convert them to Mabinogi's PMG format, though I really don't know how hard that is. More information on this topic can probably be found on Mabimods, unless we have someone with experience on here^^
  2. The project is not dead, but it has been on the back burner. Unfortunately, after that project log DennouNeko mentioned I took a look at the recent changes and realized they were more severe than we thought. There were changes to the network protocol that we now have to "decode" again, to make the server compatible with the current client. Without that update it's very hard for everyone to do anything, because you would need an older client, and even if you have that, you can't log packets, because our logger needs to be updated as well. I can't say when this will be done definitively, since the changes to the protocol are rather weird, but it will get done soon-ish. Afterwards me and everyone else will be free to work on it again.
  3. I'll have to do the log tomorrow, sorry about that.

  4. exec

    Updating repos

    Honestly, seeing how we (seemingly) have only 2-3 devs interested in working on Melia at all at this point, I don't think it will ever be like Ragnarok. About updating, we use Git instead of SVN, but for the purpose of downloading and updating it's basically the same. There are Git clients and you get and update the repo through them. You've likely used TortoiseSVN if you're on Windows, there's a TortoiseGit as well, which should make that process easy. You can also, technically, use SVN clients with Git, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend that, because that can cause minor problems when trying to do more than just downloading and updating.
  5. Yes, pulling will be all that's needed.
  6. I've finally taken a quick look at it, and while the static conf file is now loaded over SSL (no SSL = that error), it doesn't seem to require a valid certificate. This should be doable.
  7. id: 31501, category: 1, rank: "9", name: "Freezing"
  8. I'm currently thinking about how to handle this, since the change is a little annoying. Shouldn't be more than a few days.
  9. exec

    LaMe - Launcher

    That's an implementation detail of the browser though, just because the popular browsers handle paths doesn't necessarily mean the WebClient class does as well^^ Though it is very likely using IE behind the scenes... but still! (*looks at LaMe source code* Wow, I don't remember writing a single line of this...)
  10. exec

    LaMe - Launcher

    I thought it obvious that LaMe has to go into the Mabi folder, my bad. The difference I meant on the first quote was that you shouldn't use your local path, but just "client.exe", because that's all it takes when you run LaMe from the Mabi folder, and that's the only way it will work for others who might have Mabi in a different folder. That the path worked for the URL surprises me, but it's good to know. The web server can serve files, it already does so with the hotkeys and the visual chat. https://github.com/aura-project/aura/blob/master/src/WebServer/WebServer.cs#L101 The folder "user/public/" is set as static folder, so whatever you put in there will be accessible through "http://localhost/user/web/public/...".
  11. exec

    LaMe - Launcher

    ; File name of the client executable ; e.g. client.exe Exe = C:\Nexon\Library\mabinogi\appdata\Client.exe Compare the example to your value, what's the difference?^^ ; Url to the folder containing the list and packages ; e.g. http://localhost/packages Url = C:/Users/YaibaToKen/Downloads/Games/Mabinogi/LaMe_1.0.0a/Packages/ Again, pay close attention to the example. What LaMe wants here is not the path to your folder, but an HTTP address where it can download the packages, like the one in the example, if you had a web server running on port 80 with a "packages" sub-folder.
  12. Thank you for trying to help, though I'm not sure what it is you want to show me. The problem is that they changed something, we now have to update Zemyna. Old research from R1 won't help us^^
  13. Unfortunately, unless someone uploads it for you I don't think there's a way to get it.
  14. exec


  15. After the last TOS update the config file is now downloaded via HTTPS, we have yet to update the web servers for Zemyna and Melia =/
  16. The latest TOS client isn't compatible with Zemyna and Melia right now, we have yet to update it =/
  17. Where is that button to turn off RL >_>

    1. Cryptic
    2. DennouNeko


      A nasty GM removed it from the menu ;) 

    3. YaibaToKen


      you mean the log out button? welcome to RLO (Real Life Online), you must clear all 100 floors if you wish to leave!

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