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  1. Granted but you'll never use that sort of skills for Aura. I wish my work contract gets approved soon.
  2. Wish granted, but it's buggy and unwieldy, with customization being nearly non-existant. I wish I had my own fuel efficient, unbreakable, four-wheeled, speedy, maintenance-free, ecological, five-seater car.
  3. Granted, but you'll always be in constant stress, as all types of clocks and watches seem to go crazy when gazed at by you, not knowing how close to the "deadline" you truly are, dreading every moment. I wish I could afford a second monitor, supporting 1080p resolutions.
  4. Sadly I know the feeling, although not to that extent. Eventually you learn to accept that you're only obligated to contribute as long as you feel like it. Granted, but it's an utter piece of unplayable crap, incapable of running on even the most sophisticated computers. I wish I could afford a decently equipped computer/server lab.
  5. YaibaToKen


    Oh woow, not sure I even introduced myself in the old forums, but here it goes. Name's Bruno, 24yo, Portuguese, trying to get a degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering. Started programming back when I was 15yo, fell in love with it. Also love tinkering with hardware. Really like building tools and little bits of software to ease more monotonous and time consuming tasks (like say generate scripts for all the Pet Whistles in Mabinogi, or even writing hunting quests for Mabinogi's mobs). In case someone's interested: https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality As for Exec's criticism, I find it helped me grow as a programmer, by knowing what I'm doing wrong or could do better, understanding what a client could complain or request and so on. Not to mention, keeping the codebase clean and unified makes for an easier experience when attempting to understand the existing systems.
  6. -Tries to find a place in life- One day I'll make it! -Keeps getting lost-

  7. Granted, but you'll be to tired to do anything else and end up in a vicious cycle where all you do is homework. I wish I could fund Exec's work on Aura full-time.
  8. Granted but you'll lose all motivation to work on them whilst being forced to spend every waking moment improving them, and every second of sleep being plagued with nightmares over the unmanageable expectations and needs of said projects. I wish my work contract gets aproved.
  9. Granted, but the same solar flare that wipes out all computers also burns down the Netherlands to a crisp, turning it into The Nether. I wish I could afford moving out of my parent's house
  10. Ouch, thanks, didnt even notice. Granted, she comes back as a zombie and dies of starvation, everyone with a brain is currently staying at home, working on Aura I wish I mastered all programming languages.
  11. Granted but you'll spend them in a coma
  12. Oh!!! The contribution graph didnt even occur to me! Makes sense now xD
  13. I just don't see it :'( maybe I don't use git enough
  14. Granted but the lil kitten turned out to be a world eater. I wish I got paid according to my performance at work
  15. well IE has been handling it for ages now xD and it's kind of the standard for the minimum reqs for a browser nowadays, so I did indeed assume things xD but yeah, I think in most languages you can handle a path the same way as an url as longs as the path directs to the local machine don't quote me on that though
  16. Well, that should solve my problem for delivering the files to the users. I didn't know how to use the webserver for that, now I know thanks exec, you rule! A reminder that a path and an url are the same for the local machine, when accessed through a browser. The browser will simply show the file tree for the directory. Since what LaMe does is simply access the directory the path works because it's location was accessible in my machine.
  17. When I ran LaMe, it downloaded the package files for a subfolder called packages in it's root dir. As for the difference in the client name, most likely the letter case, but the file name is indeed in UpperCase. I guess I should just ask it straight out. Is LaMe supposed to be estracted to Mabi's root folder? EDIT1: So I placed the files inside Mabinogi's root folder and ran it and it worked... Turns out that was the step I was missing. As for the package files URL, I know I will have to change that to a proper URL but for local use it works. EDIT2: Does the webserver supplied as a part of aura provide any way to send files for LaMe atm? While I know programming and stuff, servers were never my strong suit, though I'm looking to change that.
  18. I honestly feel lost trying to get it working, despite the documentation present... I honestly cant even get the client to start with it :'( I annexed my LaMe.ini file here... EDIT1: Did get it to play Radioactive from Imagine Dragons but that's about it... EDIT2: The dump file might help... LaMe.ini Mabinogi__2016-07-22_17-38.dmp
  19. Just to let everyone know that an interface is in the works and whoever is interested can check it out by compiling and running the current code Also if anyone has experience or knowledge about JScrollablePanes, I could use some help. Also need to figure out droplists and CardLayouts, after those I should be done with the interface for the foreseeable future and will focus on adding the remaining rewards, objectives and prerequisites, followed by a possible load feature.
  20. As far as I'm aware, the most they can actually do, is ban you. Last I checked, using a vpn or a proxy itself isn't illegal. Good thing I don't even need that for the game though, but yeah, been playing for the last 2 years using the tweaker. If they wanted to ban you they'd do it. Don't worry much bout it, nearly a fourth of their player base is outside of japan, doubt they'll want to lose that many users
  21. Now if only I had the patience to properly learn how to use and deal the JFrames I could actually finish that damn tool!

  22. Looking through the quests folder I noticed how boring it can get if you want to make several quests, specially if they're similar, as you'd have to copy the same code over and over with just slight changes. Seeking to change that I figured I might as well write an app to do that for me. You'd simply tell the app the specifics of the quest, for example, if it's a hunting quest, you'd say hunt monster X, Y times and so on, and the app would generate the code surrounding, based on rewards and prerequisites you specify. I have currently implemented the base code for all of this, and missing the UI. Also need to finish implementing reward types, objective types and prerequisite types. Several other small changes will also have to be made eventually. You can check the current code here and if anyone is willing to help, pull requests are more than welcome. A side note, if anyone would like coding a interface for the app I'd be extremely grateful and available for anything needed. This might also prove usefull for the team if they ever need to implement several new hunting quests or even for the "missing" fomor scroll quests. The rewards missing atm are Skills, Skill training and Stat bonuses. All prerequisites have yet to be implemented and am currently working on implementing objective types. I'd love to know how everyone feels about the use of the tool and what you'd like to see in it. UPDATE 22-03-2016: We now have a webpage (thanks to gitub ) for the tool. It's still in need of proper info and, well, construction, but here it is. UPDATE 23-03-2016: Started a small changelog on the official webpage. Note that I will always keep watch over this thread nonetheless.
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