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  1. 4 minutes ago, Talow said:

    This will be a bit off topic but how similarly to regular dungeons do Shadow Missions function, if you've ever taken a look? I ask because there are RP dungeons tied to the Stonehenges as well.

    Dungeons have basically nothing to do with Shadow Missions in how they work, but role playing isn't strictly tied to dungeons.

  2. One more thing regarding Nao's Outfits. While the general functionality is working now, for some reason Nao will always have the Black Dress on after changing it.

    Not Black Dress -> Go to Soul Stream -> Change to something else that's not Black Dress -> Leave Soul Stream -> Wearing Black Dress

    This is even though the correct value is sent, so it's either a client bug, in which case it should happen on officials as well, or we're still missing something. Should anyone be planning to gift an outfit to Nao, please log it, from character selection till death, as described above.

  3. Like I said in the first post, I need two things. First, you simply logging in, and the second one you calling her to revive you. That's all.

    1) Just start logging before you click Start to login with your character, and stop logging when you're in.
    2) Die, start logging, get revived, stop logging.

    You can then save that log in one file, I'll find where which part starts and stops^^

  4. Nice work. About your character being visible, I vaguely remember someone telling me years ago that your actual character is warped out of sight for the duration of the RP, though I haven't done much research into this topic myself yet, so I don't know if that's in any way true.

  5. I see, so we do need the dressing room first. I can see where the data for the extra features comes from in the item db, so once we have the dressing room we should be able to use all coupons.

    Since the mouths and eyes and stuff have to be in the client though, we can freely use them without the dressing room, we just have to select them somehow, like I mentioned above.

  6. What are these customization options, like hair and eyes or something? If they're available in the client, we can use them. Though it might require setting them manually, via an NPC or a command if the client doesn't put them anywhere you could simply select them.

  7. Split into separate topic, since it's not directly related to the Linux set up guide.

    Could you run the channel server like the following and show us the output?

    $ MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug mono ChannelServer.exe


  8. 9 hours ago, Seryll said:

    While waiting for the client, I was moving my local server (Windows) to my linux server and seem to be getting a ""DllNotFoundException, lua51" when trying to run the ChannelServer. I am running Debian 32bit, not sure if that would be a problem with the build. Login and Web servers built and started up fine otherwise.

    It could be the 32-bit part, as our Lua DLL is 64-bit. I don't know how Mono reacts to that. You could try to use a 32-bit Lua DLL, see 


  9. A list with event keys is a very good idea, especially since some of those activate certain features in the client, which we need at some point. We should've started cataloging them sooner.

  10. 30 minutes ago, DennouNeko said:

    what about that unknown part of string?

    I just thought the exact same thing when I saw the WU string in your post. Gotta test that.

    Unfortunately I just noticed I missed some upgrades in the upgrade db. One of them was SplashDamage, which I now already have, thanks for that, and the other 3 are the passive defense upgrades for shields. That's up to 3 more we have to get, unless they're easy to guess from one.

  11. Thanks guys =)

    1 hour ago, DennouNeko said:

    by ManaBurn, you mean MP usage reduction?

    I've explained a problem regarding what I mean in the issue. I'm actually not 100% sure what the ManaBurn upgrade is, but based on the name I assume it reduces the amount of Mana you lose when you unequip a wand. This is not on officials anymore of course, but internally that upgrade is still called ManaBurn, and my current theory is that they halfed the bonus and turned the ManaBurn upgrade into a ManaUse upgrade. I haven't had time to research that yet though.

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