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  1. We have Ciar Mid 4, so why did you have to get anything from the official server files? o.o Go into Aura's dungeons.txt and duplicate the Ciar Mid 4 data with a different name, then go into the client's dungeon2.xml and do the same there. Afterwards the dungeon should work as expected I believe.

    1 hour ago, Cid said:

    How can I make the dungeon monster equips title?

    There's no built in way to do that right now. I guess the way it would work is that you access the monsters that were spawned in the PuzzleScript.OnMobAllocated callback, which is called whenever a wave of monsters is spawned in a room. However, the list of monsters is private, so you'd either have to add a getter method to to the MonsterGroup class, or use reflection.

    An alternative hack might be to edit the race's AI, to change the monster's title if it's inside your custom dungeon. The actual changing works just like on players,

    creature.Titles.ChangeTitle(titleId, false);


  2. Starting with a simple copy is a good idea. Did you copy the dungeon in the client's XML data as well? Dungeons are generated separately on both client and server, based on seeds and other numbers, so both need to have the same, exact data.

  3. There's a big difference between adding custom skills and adding official skills. Official skills can just be programmed in, but for custom skills you actually need to replace an existing official skill. For examples of official skills take a look at the currently implemented skill handlers: https://github.com/aura-project/aura/tree/master/src/ChannelServer/Skills

    For some explanations about how the skill handlers work check our wiki: https://github.com/aura-project/aura/wiki/Skills

    There haven't been many attempts to create custom skills, but it is possible if you're willing to replace an existing skill. In the video Blade posted I replaced the Demigod transformation, which was the first time I looked into this. The post incl code can be found here: http://aura-project.org/forum/topic/109-custom-skills-repost/

    The code might still work, but it's also possible a few function calls have to be updated.

    A second custom skill I did for fun can be found here: http://aura-project.org/forum/topic/290-custom-skill-strip-armor-prototype/

    In this case I replaced Healing, because I just wanted to get it done quickly, and the Heal handler was easy to customize for my requirements. If you wanted to add a custom skill for real though, you would want to search for a skill that is similar to the one you want, in regards to who it targets, how it's used, etc, and then just modify it to make it do what you want. There are many skills in Mabinogi, some of which might not be in use and could be repurposed.


  4. There was over a day between your posts, so there's really nothing wrong with a double post. Nobody would've noticed an edit after that time.

    How did you solve your problem? Off the top of my head I can't think of a solution aside from starting an NPC dialog. There's an inquiry function, to ask the player to confirm something, but I don't remember an out of dialog input packet. (Would be cool to have though.)

  5. 7 hours ago, Vie said:

    I know it's down low on the priorities list

    Not at all, it's something I want to see as well, especially since I believe users might not only like to have it, but also to customize it^^ It being G3 content nobody worked on it yet though, we don't have a lot of active users with enough coding experience for something like it.

    You'll definitely need packet logs to get it just right, but all in all it should be pretty straight forward. It's more or less just a cutscene and some variables after all iirc.

    And you'll find some of it already in Void's packet logs.


  6. Just like you, I don't care much for any of the new content, and Mabi really went off the rails for me starting with G16 at the very latest. That doesn't mean that there aren't some intriguing features in those updates, but the whole feel of the game changed way too much. Many here feel like that, and I assume that's what got many of us here in the first place, the premise of going back to pre dynamic combat, pre power creep, pre reforges, pre raids, pre Shakespeare, you name it.

    That being said, from the start one of our main goals with Aura has been to emulate Mabinogi, and that is what we're gonna do. Generation for generation, season for season, we're gonna implement the official content, because that's what emulation is, but I see it more like implementing the building blocks for us to introduce custom content. Us not liking the official Shadow Missions for example shouldn't mean that we won't implement them at all, but that we do implement them, and then everybody can try to improve upon them.

    The beauty of Aura is that we can all customize the gameplay to our liking. If someone doesn't like G13+, well, just don't enable G13+. If you want G20, but with the old combat, enable everything up to G20, except for the new combat. You want a world without giants end elves? Just disable G4~8, act like Iria was never discovered. That's the other main goal of Aura, 100% customizability, in the simplest way possible.

    I can't tell you what users are gonna do with Aura in the future, but I can guarantee you there will be people who think like you, people who will introduce custom content, rather than update to generation X, people who will modify content we may have not liked on officials, in a way that makes it bearable, or even good, and people who will pick apart the new content, enabling only the good features.

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