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Custom Skills (Repost)


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My curiosity finally overwhelmed me and I took a look at the possibility of custom skills.

I added a new skill to the XML files in the client and our data files, by copying an existing one and changing the id. I gave it to me in-game and it appeared - so far so good - but I couldn't use it. For some reason the use button was disabled. Double checked some values, tried different id ranges, nothing. "Enabling" the skill with what we believe is some kind of "enable skill" packet? Nope :/

I don't know what exactly is causing the use button to be disabled, maybe there's another file the skill has to appear in, or maybe the client has some hard coded checks for that. A journey into the client's code would probably help with this, but after a quick look I couldn't find anything that screamed "this is the problem!".

Next up: Replacing existing skills. While it's possible to replace a similar skill, it's not possible to replace a passive skill with a usable one. Even though the use button wasn't disabled, it didn't do anything, the client didn't send the use packet. This confirms that something is missing, the client knows what skills are supposed to be usable, despite what skillinfo.xml says.

So, for the moment, until we figure out what I missed, custom skills are a little tricky. Replacing existing ones isn't exactly viable I guess, but it is a possibility.



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