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  1. Sairii

    Tree of Savior CBT2

    Actually its not that bad. With level 50 you should already swim in money.
  2. Sairii

    Tree of Savior CBT2

    U get loads of money late game and early on you starve.
  3. My old thread! ^__^ Also I might have to test the "audio range goes into hate faster" again. Seeing how hate usually gets built over time. On the other hand I do know that the hate time is kinda wierd sometimes... like the kobold bandit that I had doubting me for more than 30 seconds. Maybe the range IS a factor for hate? I do remember running away from that kobold all the time...
  4. Sairii

    Tree of Savior CBT2

    Well then... the high level chars are still hyping this game (well i guess otherwise they wouldnt be high level).... Am I the only one near lvl 160 that actually dislikes the game the way it is atm? Well anyways let the fanboys protect their holy fail. Maybe imc will do stuffs but i doubt dat. The game could be awesome with some changes.... *looks at exec*.... Pserver with a map editor.... MAP EDITORRRR... *looks at DeleteIT*
  5. Sairii

    Tree of Savior CBT2

    Yep. The content is 95% soloable. Or rather 95% soloing is the best way to level up. There is no need to go to high level areas because the exp is even worse than the exp you would get from mobs on or below your level. Grinding? It's almost impossible to grind mobs. Very few spots to grind, almost no variety at all and simply not enough monsters or rather shitty respawn. High risk and no reward, thats tos in a nutshell right now. Oh and also quest grind. Add to that the current imbalance of classes, buffs and stats. Right now im just playing for the sake of reaching rank 6 / Oracle. Not sure if they will even change anything. Seeing how korean tos goes open beta / release december next month. Right now: If I look from my RO fan perspective: It's not worth playing on release. If I look from my MMORPG fan perspective: It's not worth playing on release.
  6. So yeah the tos cbt2 starts 27th October at 03:00 AM UTC-4 i think. Aaaaanyways lets make a list of who plays where as what or something... IGN: Sairii Level: 175ish Class: FS Cleric Server: Laima
  7. Aww.... I have to go to work tmrw #__#

    1. xeroplz


      lol but cash

      i love cash, ill take ur job for u

    2. Miro


      i basically "work" on thu and friday from 9-5 on a game and don't get paid :( (not to mention all the stuff i got to do on monday - wednesday for it)

    3. Sairii


      I have a fulltimejob working 9 hours a day + 1 to up to 4 hours overtime.
      Average would be 10hours a day + 1 hour driving. 5 days a week mo-fri.

      My weekends are holy because I have a bad habit of sleeping.... WAAAAY to much.

      SO yeah I dislike working on weekends. Stupid overtime.

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