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Project Discontinued?


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Hello peeps, I'm rather new here. Was just wondering if Melia is still getting any support since the last commit was 63 days ago :(

I had big hopes for a ToS emulator and was willing to contribute with some help as well (if the project is not dead already).


EDIT: Ugh.... I just realized I posted this on the wrong section... It was supposed to go under Melia's general discussion and not Aura. Sorry about this.

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The project is not dead, but it has been on the back burner.

Unfortunately, after that project log DennouNeko mentioned I took a look at the recent changes and realized they were more severe than we thought. There were changes to the network protocol that we now have to "decode" again, to make the server compatible with the current client. Without that update it's very hard for everyone to do anything, because you would need an older client, and even if you have that, you can't log packets, because our logger needs to be updated as well.

I can't say when this will be done definitively, since the changes to the protocol are rather weird, but it will get done soon-ish. Afterwards me and everyone else will be free to work on it again.

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      I am a software engineer on server backend, had previous exp. on game server dev,

would happily contribute to Melia, May I know how you guys do the packet decoding previously ?

and with what tools ? or is there any base I can start with to make some progress ?

Thanks & Regards,


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