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Fighter Glitches need to be fixed or NA is screwed lol (not aura mabinogi nexon na)


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(this is unrelated to aura but the official NA server)

There are tons of bugs in this game i can easily shrug off but the one bug that has been around forever that mabinogi has still yet to fix is a bug that focus fist has a chance to make your characters unable to target,click,or attack anything its not a new issue and if it doesnt get fixed soon im gonna rage quit mabi for a looong time and I hope im not the only one who will pressure them to fix the bug cuz its seriously getting old I can only get screwed over half way through a shadow mission or a fumor world dungeon like albey or baol before i lose my cool and I have been pretty patient over it considering the fast it hasnt made me think about rage quitting until today lmao..

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