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About dump NPC and quest


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Hi, it's me again,

these days i try to dump NPC and quest info from official, so i get mabipale2 and morrighan in latest client.

they work well, but i cannot find NPC's info (pocket, coordinate, etc.) from packet.

where can i get some guide for dump NPC?


ah, when i get hidden keyword, mabipale will also get it?

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Pale will display whatever is sent to the server and received from it, and yes, hidden keywords are a part of that, because Mabinogi uses keywords as "switches" for features, where you can't do certain things unless you have the respective hidden keyword.

To get the NPC info you have to walk into the range of the NPC you're interested in, to receive the "creature appeared" packet, which Pale can then parse. All creatures and props you encountered during your logging session will appear in the Entity Logger (bug icon in the tool bar), where it also generates the code for the NPC's look and location for the Load method in the NpcScript.

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