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  1. Hi, it's me again, these days i try to dump NPC and quest info from official, so i get mabipale2 and morrighan in latest client. they work well, but i cannot find NPC's info (pocket, coordinate, etc.) from packet. where can i get some guide for dump NPC? thanks~ ah, when i get hidden keyword, mabipale will also get it?
  2. you can find mabinogi in steam by using US-ip VPN, once you start downloading, the VPN can be disconnected, and the client will auto-update, whatever you use VPN or not.
  3. Cid

    About Custom Dungeon

    Thank you for quick reply, I find the dungeon data in official server program, and I retype it in aura's format. And there's a new extend question... How can I make the dungeon monster equips title? Like Boss, Tank, etc.
  4. Cid

    About Custom Dungeon

    Hi there, it's me again, this time i want to create a custom dungeon for fun. For safe, i just copied Ciar Mid-4 and modify nothing but name. after that, i drop the pass and get into the new dungeon, but i found almost everythings are mess, cannot touch godness, door covered by wall, no upstairs and downstairs (usually i can see it, but cannot touch)... so... is there something i was not done yet? how can i understand the parameters such as 'style', 'baseseed' in system/db/dungeons.txt?
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