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Is that possible to add new skill?


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You would either have to do heavy modifications to the Client, or use animations and images that already exist.

exec already did this once, but with the legacy version of Aura I believe, and using animations and images that exist within the Client:

It would probably be easier to do something like this now though.

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1 hour ago, cirnosaiko said:

like guns and puppet?

Any skills that are in official are completely possible to add in Aura.

The reason they're not already implemented is because they're not currently being worked on (other than gunner skills, which are "unofficially" in the process of being worked on).

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There's a big difference between adding custom skills and adding official skills. Official skills can just be programmed in, but for custom skills you actually need to replace an existing official skill. For examples of official skills take a look at the currently implemented skill handlers: https://github.com/aura-project/aura/tree/master/src/ChannelServer/Skills

For some explanations about how the skill handlers work check our wiki: https://github.com/aura-project/aura/wiki/Skills

There haven't been many attempts to create custom skills, but it is possible if you're willing to replace an existing skill. In the video Blade posted I replaced the Demigod transformation, which was the first time I looked into this. The post incl code can be found here: http://aura-project.org/forum/topic/109-custom-skills-repost/

The code might still work, but it's also possible a few function calls have to be updated.

A second custom skill I did for fun can be found here: http://aura-project.org/forum/topic/290-custom-skill-strip-armor-prototype/

In this case I replaced Healing, because I just wanted to get it done quickly, and the Heal handler was easy to customize for my requirements. If you wanted to add a custom skill for real though, you would want to search for a skill that is similar to the one you want, in regards to who it targets, how it's used, etc, and then just modify it to make it do what you want. There are many skills in Mabinogi, some of which might not be in use and could be repurposed.


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