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I'm testing the Melia, but can not run the server side usually


The shortcut on the client  [ -SERVICE ]





Now for the problems ...

When by the ips the client is in KR by putting the normal game ips, the game is in English.

user.xml when is if I move to Inglês, to start the game it back to KR.

If I leave the normal ips, it is in English

Another problem, I can not create account in giving new// the account name and password appears some problem and can not get




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I have the same error, but solved changing the IP in servers.txt

Find: and change to

IP Lan, ex.:

{ type: "Login", id: 1, ip: "", port: 2000 },
{ type: "Channel", id: 1, ip: "", port: 7000, maps: "all" },


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