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  1. talex9

    What is the best languages to learn?

    What about java? Not even an honorific mention? I'd say that about 2/5 to 3/5 of the projects i've seen recently -mostly related to private servers- are done with java. Old school mobile programs used java too, right?
  2. talex9


    Best of luck in this new season of changes! May the new current bring many developments in aura, melia, monica, melia, gabrielle, melia, aurora, morrighan, melia, melia, maplexia (?), melia, and if time allows, melia!
  3. talex9

    Mabinogi Dungeon Play

    I first wrote this aiming for a work-group to create videos, hence the location. @YaibaToKen, i'll be honored to team up, though right now i'm having isp connectivity issues. I'm also on Alexina, please write me at talex9.
  4. talex9

    Deadly mobs

    This might be irrelevant, but a rock thrown may knock down an enemy when the health bar doesn't show (or seems to me that it doesn't show) remains. This might be unrelated, but i think i have been able to survive yet an extra hit after being in deadly status. I may be recalling that wrongly though.
  5. talex9

    Mabinogi Dungeon Play

    Hi!I look for a party of dungeoneers with characters using basic equipment and rank f or lower on all but a handful of skills while keeping a not-very-strict turn-based battle policy ethic.Thanks in advance.