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Op codes changed?


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Hey, would like to help this project, but so far I cannot login, as I get an "invalid padding" error.

[Warning] - Invalid padding for '0003' (4472, 4457), from ''. Ignoring packet.

How can I update those OP codes?

Currently using: v.2.0.82.

Looks like the packet size is by 8 too big (15 instead of the 7 to pass login OK)

Sorry I am newbie to network packet handling.

Any advice?

EDIT: If someone can share a working client, I would be glad to try to update the repo it to the latest one. (once i understand)

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Yes, the op codes and packet sizes are horribly outdated, but since it's difficult to download older clients, someone would have had to keep around the old client that Melia was compatible with at some point, which I doubt anyone did =/ Basically, we really need to update Melia.

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