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I have a link to a github project for an Elsword emulator that has been abandoned last year. The last update I seen on it was in 2017 feel free to give it a look but keep in mind I am not affiliated with Esemu nor was I that big of a community member when it's community was still available. The link to the project is https://github.com/ESEmu I think it's prealpha so you won't have anything playable with this yet and you most likely will have to put a ton of work into this. This project obviously isn't for the feint of heart so I do not have much hope that you guys will interested in reviving Esemu the problems weren't legal based as to why Esemu failed before it was more of a internal issue I do not know the full details on the internal struggles that past developers had on Esemu so I do not have much information. 

Anyways I would be eternally grateful for anyone willing to at least take a look at this project even if there isn't much hope for it to be saved.

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