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no conect server


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I can not connect with melia, it does not give me any error, melia login, channel & web work
at any time I am using to make the connections, when I open client_tos.exe and I see the connection window, I put my data Account ID & password, in server list it appears melia, so I assume that everything is correct
the problem comes when I give Enter, which comes out "connecting to the server", but does not get an answer, no incoming connection appears in the console
Even when creating an account with new // my name does not result in either console or DB
To create an account enter from and this if you create it

I repeat: All this is done in local machine, with local IP


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1 hour ago, exec said:

Could you show us your client.xml and what the serverlist file says (

<serverlist><server GROUP_ID="100" TRAFFIC="0" ENTER_LIMIT="100" NAME="Melia" Server0_IP="" Server0_Port="2000"/></serverlist>

<!-- edited with XMLSPY v2004 rel. 3 U (http://www.xmlspy.com) by pechia (IMCGames Co., Ltd) -->
    <Locale ServiceNation="GLOBAL" Dictionary="YES" DefaultLanguage="English"/>
    <Nexon UseNexonSSO="NO" UseNexonGameLogManager="NO" SSOServer="No"/>
    <SecurityApp HackShield="NO" Xigncode="NO"/>
    <Steam UseSteamClient="YES"/>
    <Camera Long="45" Lati="38" Fov="45"/>
    <Sound IgnoreTick="0.03" MaxRange="400" HoldRange="100" MixRate="22050" MaxChannel="16" DistFactor="1000" Pitch="1.0" MusicVolume="50" SoundVolume="255" TotalVolume="255" EnableReverb="TRUE"/>
    <GameOption ServerListURL="" StaticConfigURL=""
NewAccountURL="http://treeofsavior.com" PaymentURL="http://treeofsavior.com" LoadingImgURL="http://drygkhncipyq8.cloudfront.net/toslive/patch/loadingimg/" LoadingImgCount="10"/>
    <Debug MailFreq="5"/>
    <HotKey Version="1"/>


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1 hour ago, exec said:

I don't see any obvious problems, it should be working. Just in case, the client and the servers are running on the same computer, yes? 


So the client appears to me, but it does not really connect
It seems an error of communication between the client and the login, ami the only thing that occurs to me, change the ports ...


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