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Previosly, on Melia

We started development of Melia a few months before we even got into the first closed beta of iTOS and had never played the game before, though we had high hopes for it. After the game was released we continued development for a few weeks, but at this point we were already much less enthusiastic about the game. Progress slowed down, more people were disappointed by the game, and eventually development came to a complete halt.

A few months went by and when users from the community showed interest in continuing the project I started working on it again as well. I updated what we had created at the beginning to make it work with the latest client again, and I kept Melia compatible the entire time since then. Unfortunately the other users presumably lost interest again, because no more progress was made.

And now

At this point in time I don't have any concrete plans to actively work on Melia again, but I am still keeping it up-to-date, so anyone who wants to get into it can use it with the latest client. I'm also available here and on the chat should any questions arise regarding how Melia works or how something should be implemented in my opinion, and I will review any pull requests that come in.

If a capable user would like to take over control of the project, be it as a main developer or a general manager, I'd be happy to talk about that possibility.

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Update: Nothing New

While I originally said I would keep Melia compatible, just in case someone wanted to work on it, I stopped doing so when the interest decreased again a while back. The code is now severly outdated and making it compatible with the latest clients would require quite a bit of work, but there's still no one with the knowledge, time, and motivation to work on it.

I'm thinking about working on Melia again some day, as I still like ToS's base-gameplay, but I just don't have the time at the moment. What I said before still stands though, if there's someone who's capable and willing to take over the project, they can contact me here or on our Discord.

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Update: Breaking News

After a sizable pull request that updated the compatibility, to make Melia work with the latest iToS client again, work on Melia has somewhat resumed over the last couple of weeks. All features that were working before are still functional and we've been working on adding more core features, such as starting work on basic combat and skill usage, but also custom features, such as dropping items. There's still a lot to do, but progress is progress.

If you want to follow the development, the best way is to join our Discord or watch the GitHub repository.

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