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Cannot connect to the server


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Hello there!

I am trying to connect to my server, but the client shows a korean message that says something like "Cannot connect to the server".
I have edited the client.xml file, created an account through web-server, however I cannot connect.
The client-server shows up the following message: "Closed connection from ''".
My Tree of Savior client is updated.

Can someone help me, please?
Thanks in advance!


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Yes, it is the International Steam version client.
I have deleted it and I am downloading again, to make sure that nothing is wrong around the client.
I will make sure to enter the official game first, and set the language to English, then test again.

As soon as I test it, I will give my feedback.
Thank you!

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I have downloaded the client again, connected to the official server and set the language to English.
But I still cannot connect, the login server shows the 'closed connection' message, and after editing the client.xml, the client launch in korean, prompting the 'cannot connect to the server' message.
Any hints?


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I was able to create an account and log into your server, I'm not sure why you aren't. The login server at least, I couldn't get in-game, presumably because you didn't use your public IP in the servers.txt (system/db/). Could you try to use in your client.xml? And if that doesn't work, try what happens if you use your public IP in the servers.txt. That shouldn't be necessary for the login server, but who knows what the client is doing there.

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