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MabiPale - Packet Logger


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MabiPale 2 is the second version of MabiPale ("Pale"), a packet logger for Mabinogi. Unlike its first version, Pale 2 doesn't rely on error prone packet sniffing anymore, but utilizes Alissa compatible packet providers, like Morrighan.


Pale 2 was coded from scratch, to clean it up and make it extendable through a plugin system. All Pale 1 features that weren't just simple logging have now been implemented as plugins, like the Packet Analyzer and the Entity Logger. 2 more planned future plugins are a dialog parser and a search function. Additionally a few little things have been tweaked and added, like better performance and explicit filtering.

If you develop plugins of your own that you'd like to share, post them here. For examples of how to code plugins take a look at the plugins in the source.



  • Logging packets
  • Alissa compatible logs
  • Log management (deleting, filtering)
  • Plugin system
  • Official plugins:
    • Packet Parser: Parses packets from hex.
    • Entity Logger: Displays information about all creatures and props to be found in the logged packets.
    • Packet Analyzer: Shows additional information about selected packets, or converts the data into an Aura compatible format, e.g. dialog to Msgs.
    • DunGen: Dungeon floor layout visualizer.

How to use

MabiPale2 requires an Alissa compatible packet provider. Unless you have a working Pake with mod_Alissa lying around you can use Morrighan. Simply start the client with it and click connect in Pale. Unlike the old Pale there's no Start/Stop/Pause anymore, while you're connected you will get packets, while you're disconnected you won't. Since Morrighan gets all packets until you close your client you don't have to worry about pausing in Pale, connect/disconnect/reconnect whenever you like.


  • Put Morrighan.exe into your Mabi folder
  • Create a link to Morrighan.exe, using the parameters you would use to connect to your Aura server, but with NA IPs.
    Morrighan.exe code:1622 ver:143 logip: logport:11000 chatip: chatport:8002 setting:"file://data/features.xml=Regular, USA"
  • Start the client with that link whenever you want to log packets.
  • Click connect in Pale to subscribe to Morrighan's packet broadcast and to start logging packets.

Please note that to log the latest version of NA, which doesn't support direct login anymore, you need to use additional parameters for Morrighan. See the Morrighan thread for more information.

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Mabipale2 is not listing any packet from morrighan after pressing connect. I believe i've done all the process correctly. Morrighan.exe is at mabinogi game folder, and it has a shortcut with the client argument. I executed the shortcut to morrighan as administrator, and it successfully loaded the client, which allowed me to log into game with a character to the world map. The small window of morrighan is at the top left side of the screen, and i event used a plugin of cheat engine to packet sniff mabinogi client, and it show that the packet are been sent form local host to the client, which only happen since morrighan is enable. that makes me think that morrighan is working.

I also ran mabipale 2 and unblocked the .dll files. Everything seems to be working fine, except that there is no packet showing in mabipale2 window after pressing "Connect". I need some help with this. exec told me that there was once this issue before, and im awaiting for reply.


Thanks in advance for any help.


This is the link to the topic related to the issue before


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